Why Choose Ops-Core Products?

Ops-Core is a world-renowned manufacturer of advanced head protection solutions for the military, law enforcement, other professionals, and civilians. Based in the US, Ops-Core has been developing innovative protective helmets since 2001, with their FAST line of helmets becoming one of the most trusted names in the industry. Their helmets are designed to provide superior protection against ballistic threats and shrapnel, while also providing maximum comfort and stability during long missions.

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The FAST helmet lineup by Ops-Core is made up of a range of models, featuring lightweight yet durable shells that protect against impacts and penetration from bullets, grenades, and shells. Each helmet is designed to meet stringent safety standards while providing excellent mobility and comfort. The FAST line includes both high-cut helmet (HCS) and low-cut helmet (LCS) styles in various colors and sizes, allowing users to customize their protection needs to suit their mission requirements.

Aside from their FAST line of helmets, Ops-Core com also offers an extensive selection of accessories for customizing your helmet according to your needs. These include visors with varying levels of tinting strength for protection from glare; flexible face shields for improved vision clarity; liners with different levels of impact resistance; as well as multiple options for communication headsets.

Ops-Core, OpsCore, OpsCor, or OppsCore?

Ops-Core is the correct spelling. The name was inspired by the term ‘Operational Core’, which refers to a unit of soldiers or personnel who are highly trained and ready to act in times of crisis. This term reflects the company’s mission: to develop products that enhance safety and security on the battlefield. For the best selection of protective gear and ballistic protection solutions, shop Ops-Core today.

Ballistic Protection

Ops-Core FAST® ballistic helmet systems are designed to provide superior impact protection from fragmentation and handguns, as well as 7.62x39mm projectiles with minimal weight for enhanced mobility and comfortability. The FAST® line of helmets features the latest in materials and design innovation, ensuring maximum protection while providing the highest level of comfort.

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Complete Integration with Modern Military/Police Gear

The FAST® helmet system is designed to perfectly fit with Ops-Core optics, audio/visual sensors, and facial and respiratory safety equipment. The modular system provides maximum customization and compatibility with other industry-leading equipment.

Scalable Accessories to Choose From

For superior security, Ops-Core offers a variety of defensive solutions such as the AMP® Communication Headset, Special Operations Tactical Respirator, and STEP-IN® Visor along with their signature Ballistic Applique. With options for various levels of protection and comfort, Ops-Core has a solution that can meet any mission requirement.
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Can Civilians Buy Ops-Core Products?

Yes, civilians can buy Ops-Core products, although most of these accessories are designed for military and law enforcement personnel. When purchasing a helmet or other situational awareness products for civilian use, it is important to understand the items capabilities, limitations, and size restrictions. Additionally, most Ops-Core products on sale can be custom fitted with add-on accessories such as visors, ear protection, and communication headsets.

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Where to Buy Ops-Core gear?

You can find products by Ops-Core for sale at Atomic Defense. If you like products from Gentex, purchase Ops-Core equipment right here on our website. We're the perfect place for those looking to buy Ops-Core helmets and other protective gear. With a wide selection of products, ranging from the latest FAST helmet systems to visors, ear protection, and communication headsets, Atomic Defense provides customers with a one-stop shop for their ballistic needs.

In addition to providing customers with high-quality ballistic protection products at reasonable prices, Atomic Defense also provides expert advice through our Customer Service team which is available 24/7 via email or telephone. They offer personalized support for any questions or concerns consumers have about purchasing or using their products properly.

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