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How to Start a Business

How do I start a Business?

Local Business: Flyers are cheap and should be the first thing you try. (Put these on your neighbors doors)  Cost: $1,000

Ecommerce Business: Google Adwords.  Cost: $500

Government Business: A lot of time and patience applying for contracts on the government site of your choice (View our other article about selling to governments to learn more)


Okay, here's the deal.  We are going to be building the garden before we build the fence.

building a business today

So that's the strategy.  If you sit there thinking about what to do before you begin then you will get nowhere.  

Remember that your friends and family can be customers.  A good method is to pitch your business to your parents, family, or friends.  Whoever is going to be the most honest with you.  

NEVER let someone tell you it won't work.  If I had a dollar for every person that told me something couldn't be done I'd have at least $1000.  People will tell you that "No one will buy X service because Y", but here's the thing...  Someone is always willing to pay for X, regardless of Y.  You just need to find them.

Legalities of having a Business

In case you didn't realize, you're on a body armor company's website.  Trust me, legalities are a big thing here.  We deal with governments and sue-happy customers.  We've never had a product fail, but it's still something that keeps me up at night.

So trust me when I tell you - FORGET ABOUT IT!  You need to focus on starting this business and getting it off the ground before you going hiring a lawyer, accountant, etc.  

What do you need to start a business?

In all honesty you need very little.  Always start with just yourself and the fewest resources to get the job done.  I started this company with $2,000, no staff, no insurance, no lawyers, no accountants, no customers.  

When beginning people need to know about you.  Who you are.  Who your company is and most importantly WHAT YOU DO!!  

The methods that you should use to get customers differ by the type of company.  Example: Don't spend $$$ on advertising online when your company caters to seniors.  For that you'll want radio advertising, flyers, or TV commercials.  


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