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Top 5 Ballistic Helmets - Atomic Defense

Top 5 Ballistic Helmets

Best Ballistic Helmets

Ballistic helmets are important body armor for anyone involved in conflict or combat areas. They protect the head which is the most sensitive part of your body. Any injury to the head could kill someone at an instant. Bullets to the head are fatal more often than not. Whenever you are looking for a ballistic helmet, you are seeking for nothing but the best among them. You do not want to be taking chances with your life.

There are several types and brands of ballistic helmets on the market. Each type is designed to be suitable for a particular situation. In the sections below, we are going to explore five of the best ballistic helmets. We aim to ensure you get the ballistic helmet that will serve you best next time you go looking for one.

Before we get to reviewing specific ballistic helmets, let’s first explore the various factors that determine the effectiveness of a bulletproof helmet.

Parameters Used to Measure the Effectiveness of Ballistic Helmet

Ballistic helmets have to be tested before they are assigned an NIJ protection level. Level IIIA is the least level of protection that a ballistic helmet can have. Two parameters are used to determine the protection level of a ballistic helmet. They are Penetration Depth and Back Face Deformation.

Penetration depth, as the name suggests, is the measure of how deep a bullet penetrates under the surface of a ballistic helmet. Why would anyone care about the penetration depth as long as the helmet can stop the bullet? You might wonder. A gunshot is not injurious only when it penetrates into your body. Blunt trauma can cause injuries as well, even if the bullet does not penetrate through. Blunt trauma to the head is particularly very hazardous. Penetration depth helps ensure the helmet can offer as much protection to your head as needed.

Back Face Deformation is a measure of depth as well but on a clay head form. During testing, the ballistic helmet is placed on a clay head form and secured in place. The clay will take a perfect shape of the helmet. The helmet is then removed, and a laser scan of the surface of the clay head form is taken. The helmet is put back onto the head form and a shot is taken. The helmet is then removed, and another scan of the head-form’s surface is taken. The two scans are compared to determine if there’s been any impact on the head-form’s surface and if there is, how deep of a hole was formed. This test is a good indicator of how protective of your head a helmet would be.

Here are the top 5 best ballistic helmets.

3A Bulletproof Helmet Military MICH 2000 Tactical Combat Ballistic Helmets

3A Bulletproof Helmet Military MICH 2000 Tactical Combat Ballistic Helmet - Atomic DefenseThe helmet impresses with its high ballistic performance and low weight. That implies that it is comfortable to wear and carry on your head, while it still remains protective. The helmet will keep away bullets such as .357 SIG FMJ FN and a .44 Mag SJHP. The helmet meets NIJ penetration protection level for Level IIIA certification. For the bullets named above, the penetration depth is less than 9 mm, and the back face deformation is less than 12 mm. You might wonder why the BFD limit is higher than the PD, given the explanation we’ve given above of how the testing in mind. Keep in mind the head form used is made of clay and it is soft. That’s done to ensure the impact of the shot on whatever is under the helmet is significantly quantified.The 3A MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet) 2000 ballistic helmet is designed for use by tactical teams in combat. It can be used anyone else who feels the need to though. It is an advanced combat helmet that is a favorite of military forces and law enforcement officers around the world. The helmet is made of either Kevlar and is certified as NIJ protective level IIIA.

Other interesting features on the helmet include side rails and night vision google which provides good flexibility and operational use. The helmet is available in different sizes ranging from small which is 54-56 cm to large which is 58 to 60 cm. All the metal parts on the helmet are non-corrosive and non-magnetic. The helmet is available in a range of colors.

NIJ IIIA Fast Bulletproof Helmet with Attachment Rails

The helmet complies with all NIJ standards with regard to penetration depth and back face deformation. It weighs a 2.8 lbs. which is quite ideal for a ballistic helmet. The helmet is available in a variety of sizes and color. You can choose any that is ideal for you.This helmet is a much lighter and safer option than the one above. The helmet is certified to have NIJ IIIA protection level. The helmet will handle the same ammunition as a Level IIIA bulletproof vest. The helmet is made of UHMWPE. That makes it a lot lighter than the Kevlar one and a bit safer. It comes with a tactical rail system that is attached to a 2-point bungee. It also has a 4-point chin strap. All these features are put in place to ensure the helmet can be easily secured in place, and it feels comfortable.

The helmet is designed with the craftsmanship and materials used to build body armor for the police, military and other tactical teams. No one is restricted from using this or any other ballistic helmet, although it would look out of the ordinary if you were to wear this in non-combat situations. The helmet offers a great balance between comfort, safety, and price. In most instances, you always have to forego one for the others.

M/LG NIJ IIIA Air Frame Bulletproof Helmet

M/LG NIJ IIIA Air Frame Bulletproof Helmet Ballistic | Advanced Combat Helmet Rail System - Atomic DefenseThis Militech ballistic helmet has gone massive tests and has been certified as NIJ complaint for Level IIA. It is also an ideal option for tactical teams and law enforcement officers. The bulletproof material used on the helmet covers an area of approximately 1000 cm2. That, in most cases, is enough to cover your entire head from the back. Either way, the helmet comes in different sizes and has a rail adjustment system that you use to tighten or loosen the helmet.The M/LG NIJ IIIA Air Frame Bulletproof Helmet comes with advanced ballistic technology. It is a Level IIIA ballistic helmet, but it is much more effective than the two discussed above. It is made of Kevlar so it is a bit heavier and its counterpart above, but it is functional. Note that the fitting of the helmet is also important as far as its protection levels are concerned.

MILITECH CB MICH ACH Full Cut NIJ IIIA 3A Aramid Ballistic Helmet

MILITECH CB MICH ACH Full Cut NIJ IIIA 3A Aramid Ballistic Bullet Proof Bulletproof Helmet With Tactical Visor Railband Set - Atomic DefenseIt comes with a visor set, and a tactical clamp onto which you can attach a ballistic face cover. The visor ensures it is easy to adjust the helmet depending on how tight or loose you want it to be. The helmet has a great fit. It is the perfect choice for most military personnel and other tactical forces. The helmet has ample padding on the inside to ensure it sits perfectly on your head and feels comfortable.This MILITECH CB MICH ACH Full Cut helmet is yet another masterpiece from Militech. It is still a Level IIIA ballistic helmet, but it is one of the most functional helmets you’ll come across. The helmet is fully compliant with NIJ specifications for certification as a Level IIIA ballistic helmet. It is made of Kevlar and comes in a Coyote brown color. It is not the lightest bulletproof helmet but it is pretty tough.

MILITECH Desert Tan DE Deluxe NIJ IIIA FAST Bulletproof Helmet

MILITECH Desert Tan DE Deluxe NIJ IIIA FAST Bulletproof Helmet and Visor Set Deal Ballistic Helmet Ballistic Bullet Proof Pack - Atomic DefenseIt comes with a visor and head rim that makes it easy to adjust its fitting. The helmet is available in different sizes though. It is made of Twaron, which is an Aramid material similar to Kevlar. It is a slightly heavier ballistic helmet, but it is designed to provide the best fit and as much protection as possible. It is one of the best ballistic helmets that we have on our platform.The MILITECH Desert Tan DE Deluxe is yet another amazing ballistic helmet in our collection. This helmet has everything you would want on a bulletproof helmet. The fitting and comfort are those of no other helmet. First things first. The helmet is certified as NIJ Level IIA and it has satisfied all the NIJ standards for the certification.

Most ballistic helmets that are above Level IIA are made of steel, and they are quite heavy. They are normally used by tactical forces when they are involved in combat areas with heavy gunfire. The ballistic helmets outlined above are quite ideal for use by ordinary citizens. Although you can never be certain, it is highly unlikely that you will be facing ballistic threats higher than Level IIIA if you are not involved in any conflict or combat areas.

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