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Bulletproof Mask | Ballistic Full Face | Level IIIA+ | Milspec ✅ - Atomic Defense

Bulletproof Mask | Ballistic Full Face | Level IIIA+ | Milspec ✅

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Ballistic Face Mask - Full Face - The same supplied to the Taiwanese Special Forces - Home Defense and Breaching Mask

  • ✅ Easily stops; 9mm, 45 ACP, .44 Mag, .22, .380, .38, 10mm, 12 guage, 12 guage buckshot, and so much more! + see the chart below on our website.
  • ✅ High compression PE (Polyethylene) fabric to yield the most comfortable shaping.  Complete facial protection.
  • ✅ Upgraded EverLast-elastic straps.  Prevents loose feeling after thousands of uses.
  • ✅ Padding over the entire forehead, temples, cheek bones, and cheeks.
  • ✅ Newest version, direct from us in California!  Designed for special forces around the world so you can rest easy. 
  • ✅ Don't buy a bulletproof mask before reading this: Other retailers masks are not rated and tested.  Other masks risk bullet splatter and shrapnel in the users face. This one does not. 
  • ✅ This IIIA+ mask is also stabproof.  When you need this mask the most you'll likely be close quarters.  Don't get another mask and risk knife penetration.


    Atomic Defense Ballistic Ratings Chart for NIJ Ratings II, IIA, III, IV, and IIIA

    No one wants to get shot in the face.  With our newest facemask you don't have that risk.  

    How are we better?  Current masks on the market are only level IIA and II.  This means they don't stop the typical home invasion rounds like 12 gauge slugs. 45 ACP and 40 cal that we can.

    The best NIJ level IIIA rated facemask with padding and absorbs bullets better than steel while being super light.

    Additional padding on all sides of the face with a six point holding system minimizes shock from ballistic threats by keeping your face a half inch from the skin in case of bullet impacts.

    Stops the NIJ IIIA 0101.06 standard up to .44 mag, 9mm, 45, shotgun slugs, and many more.  All while being capable of taking multiple hits.

    Helmet shown in the video is the bulletproof facemask that has our helmet cut for our mil-spec bulletproof helmets, using the same materials.


    • Weight: 2 lbs
    • Size: Full face fit for all-sizes
    • Color: Black
    • Hold: 6 point secured
    • Certification: Mil-spec level 3A
    • Facial Armor - Ballistics


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