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Instant 5% OFF at checkout | ANY 2+ items

11x14" Armor Plate Carrier Vest with Level 3A, 3, or 4 Armor Plates

Original price $249.00 - Original price $249.00
Original price $249.00
$129.00 - $599.00
Current price $599.00
Color: Black

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chris R.
Almost perfect.

Needs two metal clasp snaps to reinforce each Velcro flap that holds plates in. Otherwise, perfect.

J D.
Five star service five star product within an affordable price range!

Excellent product my army airborne birth brother in law was impressed at price and style! He recommended the purchase…!

Bennett H.
Fits fine, great for the promotional price.

This was the cheapest option for IIIA protection. Fits fine, it's not as light or as concealable as soft body armor, but of course it's not supposed to be. I assume it stops bullets but I hope not to find out!