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The Best NIJ III Bulletproof Backpack | Anti-theft | USB Charging - Atomic Defense

The Best NIJ III Bulletproof Backpack | Anti-theft | USB Charging

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  • Padded and ergonomic shaped back and straps with ventilation to provide the most comfortable extended wear.
  • Dual laptop and tablet holder with velco strap to hold everything in place.
  • Seamless uni-body strap. This hold the straps to the backpack with one large and deeply sewed strap.  Even under extreme stress of +100 lbs the straps won’t break.
  • USB charging any device that charges via a cable can be plugged in and charged with the backpacks built in USB.
  • Dual bottle holders flanking both sides of the pack are storage compartments capable of holding moderately sized water containers.
  • It’s even washable! With all the technology packed into the backpack you can still wash it thanks to our specialized construction.  Just remove the bulletproof insert.
  • Legal for travel or school. Having this backpack on you is legal in the US and in most other countries.  Be sure to check your arrival location’s laws too.
  • Hidden pockets for valuables. Even worried that someone might go through your backpack and take your property?  Hidden pockets allow for better peace of mind.
  • Turtle shell construction to help keep the wearer safe from rain or bullets. Hugs the body closely, overlapping the zipper, to keep out debris.


  • NIJ III option has rifle protection and weighs less than 5 lbs total. (PE and Ceramic)
  • NIJ IIIA is extremely light and is rated to stop pistols weighs under 1.5 lbs total. (Pure PE) 
  • Backpack only has all the features, just without the bulletproofing.

✓ NIJ III RATED: Blocks and stops various sniper, pistol, assault rifles, airgun rounds. Best thing to have in a life or death situation. Doing all this while being 40% lighter than the competition.

✓ BETTER THAN KEVLAR: Stops up to various AR-15 with 5.56 & AK-47 with 7.62 & more. Military grade PE and ceramic mil spec plating. Tried and tested to stop multiple fully-automatic rounds from various weapons.


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Bulletproof backpack for school and work - NIJ III and NIJ IIIA Bulletproof - For Purse, Clothing and Vest use the removable insert panel – Level 3 or 3a PE with Best Ballistic Shield Coverage Protection Against Rifle and pistols bullets

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