Can Body Armor Stop a 7.62 round? Find out here!

When you’re shopping for body armor it’s very important to understand what that body armor will do and what type of bullets it will stop. 

There are several main “levels” of body armor used today.  These different levels of strength are set and standardized by various organizations.  The most used is the NIJ or National Institute of Justice standards. The NIJ only offers guidelines for body armor levels and does not sell body armor.

The type of body armor that can stop a 7.62 round is any armor rated with “III” or “IV” standalone protection like the ones on Atomic Defense.  It’s important to know that if the armor isn’t standalone like the ones sold here on Atomic Defense, it will not stop larger rounds by itself.

Anything with a smaller Roman value such as “IIIA” or “II” will not be capable of stopping 7.62 rounds or 5.56 rounds.

When shopping for body armor that will be able to stop each of those highly used rounds:  ENSURE YOU GET BODY ARMOR RATED FOR STANDALONE III or IV.  All body armor sold by Atomic Defense is standalone rated whether it’s explicitly stated in the title or not.

At this point you might be wondering, “What does Standalone mean?”  Standalone means that it does not need an extra piece of armor behind it to be capable of stopping the bullet it claims to stop. 

For example, if you purchase a piece of body armor that is not rated for standalone it means that you will need to have a secondary vest with its own NIJ rating behind it to have any protection since the bullet will go through a non-standalone rating armor plate.

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