Do I need a bulletproof insert or plate for school or work?

Okay, lets begin with this somewhat controversial topic.  Do you need this protection at work?  School?  Traveling?  

When you're asking these questions you should ask yourself things like: Is it safer without?  Will I ever need it?

Gun violence in most places are somewhat low.  However, the chances of being murdered via a gun are 2.84 per 100,000 and worse in bad areas of the US - according to the FBI.  

Chances are slim that anything will happen.  However, what if something does happen?  Do you want to be the 2.84 of people who die?  If you think you can just get by without any precautions you are wrong.  At the very least you should get a life insurance policy if you're not willing to spend on an bulletproof insert.

One of the most common questions I get is, "Is it safe to travel with?"  Short answer: Yes, if your are using a composite non-steel plate.  That's just another advantage of using a composite plate over the steel alternative armor.  Remember at the moment we don't even offer steel plates.  We'd rather focus on the quality options instead of the cheap ones here at Atomic Defense.

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