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STOP! Level 3 and 4 Bulletproof Helmets are SCAMS

Shopping for a ballistic helmet? Read this first! What we will cover: Level III helmets - legit or not? Are Level 3 and 4 helmets safe? Is it worth getting helmet accessories for a Level 3 helmet? What to look for when shopping for a bulletproof helmet You only have one brain; protect it! Don't leave your head exposed to potential ballistic threats - invest in a high-quality bulletproof helmet for reliable protection! Helmets are designed to provide superior defense against a number of projectiles, including handgun bullets and shotgun pellets. Did You Know? Gunfire = A Leading Cause of Brain Injuries Traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to gunfire is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition. Gunshot wounds are the...

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How It Is Made: Making Ballistic Helmets

What we will cover: 10 Facts about making and manufacturing ballistic helmets. How to make a bulletproof helmet? What are bulletproof helmets made of? Kevlar helmets compared to UHMWPE helmets. Measuring ballistic helmet performance. How Atomic Defense can help. From hammering bronze and iron helmets to pressing Kevlar (Aka Aramid) and UHMWPE helmets, manufacturing ballistic helmets has come a long way! Nowadays, manufacturing bulletproof helmets is a complex process involving layers of Kevlar or UHMWPE fibers and pressure molding. Ballistic Helmets Made in the USA? With the help of advanced technology, companies like Ops-Core, Atomic Defense, 3M, Galvion, and Team Wendy are able to make lightweight yet highly protective ballistic helmets that can save lives in dangerous situations. But what...

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Can Bullets Go Through Brick? Bullets VS Brick Walls

In the unfortunate event of an armed burglar or active shooter situation, it is important to know which objects and materials can protect you from harm. Wrongfully hiding behind something could be fatal. Even so, fleeing to a safer location isn't always possible; sometimes you have no option but to utilize what cover is available at that moment. This article explores a vital question — can brick stop a bullet? What else should be used to shield you and your family from gunfire? We'll talk about the properties of different materials and how they stack up against one another in this context. Just know that you could continue to fire at a brick wall and eventually the bullet will penetrate....

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How to Make Body Armor (And Why You Shouldn't)

DIY bulletproof vests and armor plates may sound like a good money saver or fun project when you have some time on your hands. But there are several reasons to avoid making your own body armor and opt for professionally made vests and plates instead.  Spoiler alert — we'll probably sound biased toward professionally manufactured armor throughout this article. But trust us when we say your life is far too valuable to depend on flimsy homemade armor for bodily protection. Can You Make Your Own Body Armor? Technically, yes. You could treat body armor as a DIY project and gather materials to make your own if you felt so inclined. But just because you can make your own body armor...

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Common Lies Body Armor Companies Will Tell You

True or false: All levels of bulletproof backpacks stop AR-15s and AK-47s. Bulletproof backpacks have different levels of protection, and lower levels do not stop AR-15s and large rifles. Many body armor companies use deceptive strategies like this to entice you to buy their products. Don’t fall for these tactics! The answer: False.  If you’re looking for body armor but want to avoid myths, keep reading. We break down the most common lies that people fall for. Lie #1: Our bulletproof backpacks can stop AR-15s and large rifles. Many body armor companies are unclear about what their bulletproof backpacks will stop, or they’ll falsely claim that their backpacks can stop rifle rounds. If you have a “Bulletproof Backpack” that weighs...

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