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Top 5 Bulletproof Vests

Bulletproof vests are an essential item if you are facing any kind of ballistic threats. There are various types and brands of bulletproof vests on the market. The ideal bulletproof vest for you depends on the level of threat you are facing. Different brands of bulletproof vests come with different features as well. It is important to ensure that the bulletproof vest you purchase can offer as much protection as possible. Unfortunately, there is no one bulletproof vest that can be said to be 100% protective.

Tag along let’s help you find a bulletproof vest that will keep you out of harm’s way.In the sections that follow, we are going to explore 5 of the best bulletproof vests you can find on the market. We are going to discuss one bulletproof vest for each ballistic protection level. Ballistic protection levels range from Level IIA to Level IV.

AVI Ultralight Concealable Level IIA Bulletproof Vest

The AVI Ultralight Concealable Level IIA Bulletproof Vest is a fantastic option if you are looking for an extremely lightweight bulletproof vest. The vest is easily concealable as well. It is worn under ordinary clothing, and other people will hardly tell you to have any body armor on you. The vest protects the torso from both the back and the front. This vest offers Level IIA protection though. It is ideal for protection against pistol bullets.

Level IIA bulletproof vests will protect you against 9 mm and .40 S $ W bullets. This is the minimum level of protection offered by bulletproof vests. The AVI Ultralight Concealable Level IIA Bulletproof Vest is designed for everyday use. The vest has bulletproof panels that hug your body tightly, and the carrier is made with advanced technology. The perfect fitting makes it easy to conceal the vest, and you remain comfortable throughout your day.

The AVI Ultralight Concealable Level IIA Bulletproof Vest has good coverage and ensures your mobility is not limited in any way. The vest has adjustable straps that ensure you can adjust it easily whenever you need to. The vest is NIJ certified as conforming to Level IIA ballistic protection standards. The vest also comes with internal trauma plates pockets at the back and in the front. These allow you to add plates and enhance the protection levels of the vest whenever you need to.

The vest’s carrier is made of polyester cotton and it’s quite comfy. The ballistic plates are also held in place by a special self-support system to ensure they do not sag. The vest has a total thickness of o.17’’ and is completely waterproof. The vest should be hand washed and drip-dried.

Level IIA protection is the least level of ballistic protection, and anything stronger than the mentioned bullet-fire. It is important to understand the kind of ballistic threat you are facing, to ensure you acquire the appropriate body armor.

Coolmax - Ballistic Level 2

Image result for Coolmax White - Ballistic Level 2The Coolmax ballistic level 2 is designed with advanced technology to ensure it maintains optimum temperature and can handle all weather conditions. The vest can offer protection against both bullets and blades. The vest will protect you against 9mm bullets as well as .357 mag. The vest still offers protection against gun-fire from small fire-arms, but it is a bit more protective than the AVI Level IIA bulletproof vest above.The Coolmax ballistic level 2 bulletproof is a fantastic bulletproof vest if you are seeking Level II protection. The vest is made of Kevlar, which is one of the best materials in the manufacture of body armor. The outer part of the vest is made of poly-cotton to ensure the vest remains comfy at all times. The Coolmax ballistic level 2 is a lightweight and easy to conceal bulletproof vest. You can wear it underneath your other clothing.

The Coolmax ballistic level 2 bulletproof vest weighs approximately 5.5 pounds. That is quite lightweight and it is indeed comfortable to wear. It can protect against gunfire from a range of high caliber handguns. The vest has been certified by NIJ as having attained Level II protection standards.


Level II protection is still limited to protection against hand-guns. If you are facing threats related to rifles and other high powered firearms, you need more than Level II protection.

Soft Body Armor | Concealable 3A Body Armor | Kevlar/PE

Soft Body Armor | Concealable 3A Body Armor | Kevlar/PE Bulletproof Vest for Sale - Atomic DefenseThe vest is quite lightweight, and the exterior is finished with cotton to ensure it remains as comfortable as possible. It has self-breathing air vents that are sewn into it to ensure it maintains a comfortable temperature. This Level IIIA offers the best balance between comfort and protection level. In many instances, you have to forego one for the other. For instance, the two bulletproof vests featured above might be snuggly and more lightweight than this one, but they do not offer as much protection.

The Soft Body Armor Level 3A body armor is one of our superior products. Level IIIA is where things get serious. At this level, we are talking of protection against gunfire from rifles and other high powered firearms. The vest is ideal for tactical situations, and it is also concealable. It can be worn underneath clothes by both adults and kids. The vest also comes with armor plates pockets and can, therefore, be upgraded to NIJ Level III or Level IV.

This bulletproof vest is made of UHMWPE, which is the best material when it comes to the manufacture of bulletproof vests. UHMWPE is lightweight but highly protective. It is also quite durable as compared to the other materials used to make body armor. The vest has a thickness of less than one inch, and that’s why it is easy to conceal.

Being a NIJ certified Level III bulletproof vest, it can protect against gunfire such as .357 Mag, .357 SIF, and .44 Mag. The vest can protect against gunfire from several low caliber rifles.


Still, gunfire can get pretty serious than the kind of bullets outline above. None of the bulletproof vests mentioned above can protect against armor-piercing bullets. The next two bulletproof vests we are going to explore can protect you against pretty serious gunfire.

Militech Black Kevlar NIJ Certified Vests

Black NIJ IIIA 3A and Level 2 Stabproof Kevlar Bulletproof Vest - Atomic DefenseThe vest is designed to ensure utmost comfort and to fit properly. Militech Black Kevlar NIJ Certified vests are not concealable though. The vests come in different sizes ranging from small to XXL. The complete vest can have different weights depending on the kind of armor plates that are in it.Militech is one of the most notable brands of bulletproof vests. Level III bulletproof vest is designed to protect against high-powered gunfire. In most instances, they consist of a carrier vest and an appropriate armor plate. Militech black Kevlar vests are an ideal option since they can easily be upgraded to a higher protective level.

The vest, with armor plates, rated NIJ Level III, will protect you against 7.62 mm NATO rated bullets. The vest is much more effective if you use it with UHMWPE armor plates. UHMWPE armor plates are lightweight and also more protective. That means you’ll have a bulletproof vest that does not feel like luggage without compromising on its effectiveness.

Camouflage Military Grade Kevlar Vests

Bulletproof Vest NIJ IIIA Kevlar - Atomic DefenseThese vests are designed to be as comfortable as possible, but they might not offer much comfort as compared to the ones above. If you have to use them with steel armor plates, they’ll be considerably heavier. They are also not concealable. As such, they are not ideal for everyday use. They are necessary if you are facing high levels of threat through.Camouflage military-grade vests are designed with tactical teams in mind. They also come as carrier vests in most instances. You have to use them with armor plates. Military teams normally wear them with steel armor plates in order to have Level IV protection.   Level IV armor can keep armour-piercing bullets from going through. The camouflage vests are not a preserve of the military or tactical forces though.

In most instances, you can alter their level of protection by changing the armor plates. You have to ensure the armor plates are compatible with the vest though. The wrong armor plates could compromise the protection level of the vest though.

As mentioned in the beginning, there are many types of bulletproof vests on the market. Take time to explore what level of protection you need, and your everyday engagements, in order to find the ideal vest for you. Fitting is an important aspect of bulletproof vests. If you are not sure whether a particular has a large variety of bulletproof vests. We stock vests of all protection levels.

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