Choosing the Best Bulletproof Backpack

How to Choose the Best Bulletproof Backpack?

Bulletproof backpacks have become the most sought after type of body armor. When it comes to choosing what bulletproof backpacks to use, the level of protection features prominently. Bulletproof backpacks have been recently gaining popularity in the wake of recent mass ballistic attacks. Parents are growing wary and will do everything it takes to protect their school-going children. Getting bulletproof backpacks on their backs is one of the best ways of ensuring they stay protected at all times.

Protection Levels

In the sections below, we are going to explore various factors that you should consider while shopping for a bulletproof backpack. As mentioned above, the aim is to ensure the backpack you get can provide sufficient protection for your kid. We’ll first dwell on the various levels of ballistic threats, before we discuss other factors that you may take into account.

Ballistic threats are of different levels and therefore body armor comes with different levels of protection. Bulletproof backpacks have protection levels ranging from Level IIA to Level IV. Level IV is the most protective. The backpacks feature two parts; The backpack and armor plates. The backpack has pockets into which the armor plates are inserted to make it bulletproof.

It is important to ensure the bulletproof backpack you get is protective enough against the kind of ballistic threats you or your kids are facing. It is important to note that there isn’t any armor that can be said to be 100% protective. That being said, you cannot afford to compromise on your safety. Any kind of body armor that you wear reduces the chances of a gunshot to cause fatality.The ability to remove the armor plates makes it easy to upgrade the protective level of your bulletproof backpack if need be.

The rating of the armor plates inserted is actually what determines the protection level of the bulletproof vest. Bulletproof backpacks can be made of different ballistic materials. Kevlar and PE (Polyethylene) are the most preferred materials because they are quite protective and are lightweight. PE bulletproof backpacks are our top pick since they are the most protective and lightweight. We’ll get to why weight is such an important factor later on.

Bulletproof backpacks are subject to NIJ protection levels just like any other type of body armor. Bulletproof backpacks rated level IIA are designed to protect against 9mm Luger bullets and any other gunfire below such caliber. Level II bulletproof backpacks will protect you against any gunfire not heavier than .40 S&W moving at a velocity of 1155 fps. As mentioned earlier, Level IV bulletproof backpacks offer the ultimate protection. They have the ability to stop Armor Piercing rounds such as 30.06 M2.

Different bulletproof backpacks have different levels of protection. If you are not sure what level of ballistic threat you are dealing with, it is best that you consult with us or any other expert before you purchase any bulletproof backpack. Unfortunately, high-level ballistic threats are not being faced by security forces only nowadays. School-going children are increasingly becoming vulnerable to high level ballistic attacks.

Weight and Size

After you’ve carefully taken protection levels into account, weight and size are the second most crucial factors to consider. Apart from determining how comfortable you are while carrying the bulletproof backpack, they also affect how protective the backpack is.

You need to ensure the bulletproof backpack is neither too big nor too small for your back, or that of your child. The backpack should snuggly hug the back and cover it from the shoulders down beyond the rib cage. A perfect fit is also ensured by getting a backpack that has well-sized straps. Many of our backpacks have adjustable straps. They can be used by different people.

Weight mainly affects the comfort of the user. It is a crucial aspect of you are shopping for a bulletproof backpack for your school-going kid. No kid will fancy carrying a heavy backpack around. There more your kid is motivated to keep their backpacks on their backs, the more protective it is. As such, it is important to ensure you get them a lightweight backpack.

Bulletproof backpacks come in different designs as well. There are tactical and military-style bulletproof backpacks which are designed to cater for security and law enforcement officers. They are not a preserve of such personnel though. Any civilian can use them if they are what they need. There are also casual bulletproof backpacks that are designed for normal everyday use. They are designed to fit the office or schooling environment.

Price and Payment Options

While bulletproof backpacks are not exorbitantly expensive, they are still a significant investment. As such many people might not be able to fort out hundreds of dollars at a go to purchase on. Different bulletproof backpacks have different prices depending on their level of protection and size. We understand that you can only purchase the body armor that you can afford. At Atomic Defense we have bulletproof backpacks with a wide price range, and they are all high quality.

Also, Atomic Defense provide flexible payment options to ensure you are able to comfortably pay for your bulletproof backpack. We have a partnership with PayPal where you can apply for credit, receive your bulletproof backpack, and then clear the debt in installments. If you are able to clear it within six months, you’ll pay no interest.

You should never compromise on safety for price. All our bulletproof backpacks are high quality, and are effective as per their ratings. If you are facing Level III threats, a Level IIA bulletproof backpack will not be able to provide the protection you need. If you do not have enough to pay for the backpack you need, you are better off opting for the credit financing option, than buying a bulletproof backpack that will not provide adequate protection.

Atomic Defense has the best prices for bulletproof backpacks. Your safety and that of your family should not be too expensive. Visit and see the various bulletproof backpacks that we have. If you have any inquiries get in touch with us through or 1-507-400-0490.










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