The Prices of Bulletproof Vests

The Prices of Bulletproof Vests: Why Do They Cost the Much They Do?

Bulletproof vests and other kinds of body armor come with specific prices tags depending on their protective levels. Obviously, you don't expect bulletproof vests to have prices anywhere close to those of your typical clothing. A lot of research, development, and testing has gone behind creating the materials used to make body armor. The bulletproof vests on Atomic Defense are inspected and certified as up to standards and effective. They are worth every single cent of the price attached to them.

Despite this realization, many people cannot help wonder what is the rationale behind the pricing of bulletproof vests. Bulletproof vests are a significant investment, and it is only fair that you understand what exactly what you are paying for. At times, law enforcement officers have to apply for grants to be able to afford to purchase and maintain bulletproof vests. In the sections below, we explore the prices of different bulletproof vests and try to draw a connection between their manufacturing process and the price.

How Much Does Bulletproof Vests Cost

Before we get to any specifics, it is important to mention that the prices of body armor, in general, are subject to market forces. They obey the laws of demand and supply just like any other commodity that’s freely traded in a particular market. As such, the prices tend to change from time to time, but the fluctuations are often subtle. We will consider the prices in terms of the most likely ranges.

That being said, the main determinant the price of a bulletproof vest is the cost of manufacture. Bulletproof vests are made of either UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene), or Kevlar. UHMWPE is a special type of thermoplastic polymer with unique properties. The material has a strong physical and mechanical structure has high chemical inertness. It is self-lubricating and has high abrasion and impact resistance. These properties make it the best material in the manufacture of body armor.

The UHMWPE fibers used to make ballistic fabric are produced through a process known as gel-spinning. The process involves extrusion of a low-concentration solution of UHMWPE to create gel precursor fibers. These fibers are heated to produce a molecular structure with high orientation. This high orientation gives UHMWPE its very desirable properties. Being the best, and with outstanding properties, UHMWPE body armor is the priciest. Depending on the level of protection you need a UHMWPE bulletproof vest will set up back between $300 and $1000.

Kevlar is the other renowned material in the manufacture of body armor. Kevlar is a highly tensile synthetic fiber. It is a heat-resistant aramid with high strength, and ability to absorb impact. These properties enable it to work perfectly as a ballistic fiber. The ability of Kevlar to stop a bullet is banked on its elastic nature. When hit by a bullet with high velocity and energy, the Kevlar material stretches back instead of disintegrating. This action subdues the bullet and stops it from penetrating through.

Kevlar is made from a chemical solution known has poly-para-phenylene teraphthalamide. Kevlar fibers are made by taking the solution through a process known as condensation reaction. Basically, the process converts the solution in polyamides, which are long, highly-tensile, and strong fibers. The resultant fibers are then spun over and over again in order to become soft and flexible. This ensures they are usable as textile fibers. The Kevlar fibers are then used to weave Kevlar fabrics of different thicknesses. The thicker a Kevlar fabric is, the more protective it is.

At Atomic Defense will strive to ensure our body armor products are affordable. You shouldn’t have to face threats just because body armor has been made unaffordable. Later on, we will at how Atomic Defense has made it easy for you to acquire body armor. We understand some of the amounts can be quite significant for some people to just churn them out at once. Before we get to that, let’s explore the other factors that influence the price of body armor.

Kevlar bulletproof vests are quite popular because they are more affordable. UHMWPE vests are more protective than Kevlar vests, but that does not imply Kevlar vests are ineffective. The effectiveness of a bulletproof vest is only determined through NIJ standards. Kevlar vests can cost anywhere between $150 to $800 depending on their level of protection.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Bulletproof Vests

As elaborated by the two instances above, the main distinction in the prices of bulletproof vests and body armor, in general, is mainly determined by the process of manufacture. However, specific prices bow down to how convenient it is to use the vest, and how protective it is. Here are some of the factors that will cause subtle differences in the prices of two bulletproof vests, which to your eyes might seem quite similar.

Concealability and Comfort

Comfort and concealability are major issues when it comes to bulletproof vests. They also, to some extent, determine how safe you are with them on. For instance, civilians in most cases prefer a concealable bulletproof vest. The fact that the vest you are wearing is visible means anyone seeking to harm you will make an effort to aim at areas of your body that are not covered. A lot of modifications and sizing have to be done to ensure proper fitting and concealability, that means concealable vests might cost more, especially if they have to be custom-made.

Either way, manufacturers still have to strive to eliminate as much weight as possible. In a combat zone, a difference of 1 pound in load weight can be the difference between life and death. Manufacturers have to go an extra mile in ensuring the body armor is produce is the lightest it can be, without compromising on their level of protection.

Comfort is also a very essential factor. Whether you are a civilian, a law enforcement officer, or a military person, you don’t want to have to walk around wearing a bulky bulletproof vest. In some cases, such as those of military men who are involved in conflict areas, it is inevitable that they’ll have to wear bulky vests. In most cases, they have to wear carrier vests that have heavy ballistic plates inside.


There are many manufacturers of bulletproof vests in the world. The vests sold in the US have to be certified as protective after being tested against NIJ standards. Even then, they cannot all be of the same quality. The quality of bulletproof vests is just as essential as with any other product you would want to purchase. As mentioned earlier, a bulletproof vest is a significant investment, and you need a durable product when you pay for one.

Obviously, quality and durable bulletproof vests will have a price tag that is on the higher end. Cheap body armor might mean low quality. It means the bulletproof vest will wear quickly, and you’ll be back to the shop in a short while. Wearing a worn-out vest is exposing yourself to threats. You would not want to risk your life just to save a few bucks.

While purchasing bulletproof vests, take time to compare reviews from different people who have bought similar vests before. Compare the prices as well, so that you are able to find the vest that is best suited for you. As mentioned earlier, we understand that the price of some bulletproof vests can be a significant sum to some people, and they may not be able to pay for them at one go.



Atomic Defense stocks nothing but the best body armor products. We go for brands that have the highest quality, whilst making our prices as affordable as possible. Keep in mind that the best way to save money while purchasing body armor is not choosing the cheapest option. It is ensuring you do not have to come back for another purchase of the same product sooner than it is necessary. We do not say this just because we want you to spend more with us, but because we want you to get the best value for the money you spend.

Our Body Armor Financing Option

Atomic Defense is in a partnership with PayPal and allows customers to acquire bulletproof vests even when they do not have enough money. You need to first apply for PayPal credit and get approved. The approval will largely depend on your credit score. You will then have to repay through agreed minimum monthly payments.

Any purchase that is over $99 and is paid in full within 6 months attracts no interest during repayment. These are very flexible terms that allow customers to purchase a bulletproof vest, even when they are on a tight budget. With this arrangement, a purchase any of the bulletproof vests on Atomic Defense will attract no extra charges if it can be repaid fully within 6 months.

Other impressive offerings are our 30-day guarantee and first responder discount. You can return any product you’ve purchased on Atomic Defense within 30 days and receive your money back. We reserve the right to decline a return request if we have reason to believe it is not in good faith. We offer a 10% discount on all purchases if you are a law enforcement officer or a first responder. Get in touch via if you are a law enforcement officer or first responder, and you’ll be guided on how to set up your account for instant discounts.

Visit and explore the various types of body armor that we have. If you have any queries or concerns, get in touch with us via the email or call 1-507-400-0490.

















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