Top 3 Types of Ballistic Helmets

Top 3 Types of Ballistic Helmets and the Right One for You


A ballistic helmet is bulletproof body armor for civilian and armed forces in high-stress combat areas. These helmets are meant to protect the skull, as any injury to the area can be lethal one. When you are looking to purchase a ballistic helmet, you should not compromise on any factor. Including helmets that do not comply with NIJ standards.

You will find many brands and types of ballistic helmets in the market with each type designed to be fit for a specific situation. Let’s see some of the best ballistic helmets and acknowledge different factors that make them a good choice in the market. 


Fast Style Helmet/ATE

(Future Assault Shell Technology)

The Fast Style/ATE combat helmets are made of a lightweight material and come with a note-worthy protection factor. The helmet type is utilized for combat and special wartime operations. 

The high cut on this type of helmet makes it easy for tactical teams to communicate to each other in combat and other high stress situations. What's more, there is an added rail system. This rail system allows easy attachment for night vision, additional second and third view cameras, protective covers, visors , and lights.

  • Composed of advanced Kevlar material
  • Tactical rail system with 2 point bungee and vertical + horizontal rails.
  • Complies with: US Standard - Mill STD 662 E, UK Standard - UK/SC/5449, NATO Standard - STANAG 2920
  • 1.3 kg / 2.8lbs (depending on helmet size)



(Modular Integrated Communication Helmet)

The MICH/ACH military helmet features 4-point retention and a pad system, increasing comfort level. It is mainly used by SWAT teams, USMC MARPAT, Crye MultiCAM, and U.S. Army UCP. 

The independent suspension system for memory sponge adds to the comfort and functionality of the army helmet. The advanced Kevlar material adds further protection to the helmet for carrying night vision. The ear cut makes it easy to use auditory equipment. Composed of advanced Kevlar material

  • 3.0 lbs to 3.6 lbs (depending on helmet size)

ACH helmet is MICH helmet's advanced version. Although they both look similar, there are few differences. Advanced combat helmet (ACH) features a slightly larger helmet area, which is good for protection, but not so good for vision when compared to MICH. However, the ACH helmet performs better than MICH when it comes to ballistic penetration.


PASGT Helmet 

(Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops) 

The PASGT helmets were first utilized in the U.S. military in 1983 and were then further adopted by other law enforcement and international military agencies. Today, this army helmet is mainly used by UN peacekeeping forces, SWAT teams, Marine Corps, and the U.S. army. 

The outer shell is mainly composed of Kevlar, having a high capability to protect. PASGT Helmet is a high-performance, multi-layer, and lightweight combat helmet with a rating of Level IIIA by the USA National Institute of Justice. Sometimes known as a K-pot or kevlar helmet, the military helmet comes with different straps for adjustment and better fitting. 

  • Made of Aramid Kevlar fiber
  • Phenolic resin system
  • 3.1 lbs to 4.2 lbs (depending on helmet size)

Remember, to always look for the NIJ certification level before making a decision. All Ballistic helmets are thoroughly tested before they are assigned an NIJ protection level. If the helmet you are looking at does not list any NIJ certifications, do yourself or whoever you are buying it for a favor and just keep scrolling. 

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