NIJ IIIA+ (3A+) Bulletproof Helmets

Bulletproof ballistics masks and helmets are something that we pride ourselves on. The optimal face and head ratios to cover all of your helmet and face. All backed by military standards and insane capabilities in our armor. As with all of our bulletproof products, we used high compression polyethylene and Kevlar to stop everything from knives, shotgun slugs, 9mm and other assault rifle ammunition. 

At Atomic Defense, we make bulletproof ballistic helmets that protect against close-range rounds from pistols and shotguns. Our military-grade ballistic helmets can be the difference between life and death, so browse our inventory to find the right bulletproof helmet for your purposes. Our experts are available to help you understand our ballistic helmet offerings, so contact us online to get started. 

What Materials Do Ballistic Helmets Use? 

Our lightweight bulletproof combat helmets use one of two materials — Kevlar or ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). Layering these fibrous materials creates a strong barrier. This exterior shell halts handgun rounds and compresses the tip into a safer mushroom shape. This minimizes damage to the wearer. The helmets also feature interior padding that reduces impact. 

What Is NIJ Level IIIA for Helmets? 

The National Institue of Justice (NIJ) sets requirements for bulletproof helmet performance under NIJ standard 0106.01. Under this standard, a helmet withstands four shots. If the helmet resists penetration, the test repeats with a second helmet. The second helmet undergoes two to four hours of immersion in room-temperature water before testing. The types of rounds the helmets can stop and the speed at which they travel determine their NIJ level. 

We test all of our helmets to meet and exceed requirements for NIJ Level IIIA. Our helmets meet Level IIIA's requirement of withstanding shots from .357 SIG FMJ rounds at 1469.82 fps and .44 Magnum rounds at 1430.45 fps. Our testers fire additional rounds to ensure our helmets withstand a wide range of ammunition, including 12-gauge shotgun slugs and buckshot. So if you are looking to purchase bulletproof headgear such as a full face ballistic helmet, you've come to the right place.

Types of Helmets

We carry two types of NIJ Level IIIA ballistic helmets. It becomes legal for older armor to enter the private market when U.S. forces adopt new gear. Our bulletproof helmets are the kinds that U.S. forces trusted prior to phasing in newer editions like the current Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH). 

MICH/ACH Helmets

The Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) is a Kevlar design the U.S. adopted for the War in Afghanistan. They would later alter the design under the new name Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH). 

ACH and MICH helmets are virtually the same. The designs feature minimal coverage around the front brow to promote upward visibility and improve compatibility with mountable night vision goggles. Other key attributes are the low-profile side brim for communication device compatibility and a four-point chin pad. 

FAST Helmets

The Future Assault Shell Technology (FAST) helmet is an above-the-ear (ATE) model with a convenient ARC rail system for ultimate compatibility with attachments. The ATE design prioritizes comfort and protection to the back of the head, leaving room for communication devices and other equipment. FAST bulletproof helmets are some of the lightest, most comfortable and stable options.

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