Items made by Atomic Defense and listed here have delays in production and creation.  Timeframes are subject to change and are estimations that assume you place an order today.  Orders are fulfilled in the order they were received.  Combo items ship when all items are ready.  Paying for faster shipping will affect shipping time, not production time.  

Due to high order volume, please allow 2-4 days for in-stock orders to ship. 

*USPS is experiencing delays.  Do not select USPS shipping options for time sensitive packages.  

  • Backpacks:
    • 2-6 week delay for level III backpacks.  
  • Helmets:
    • 1-4 day delay for Green and Black Fast Style/ATE. 
      • 3-4 week delay for Tan Fast Style/ATE
    • 1-3 day delay for All MICH/ACH.
    • 1 week for Airframes.
  • Blankets:
    • 1-4 day delay for all 4x5' IIIA blankets.
    • 1-4 day delay for all 2x5' IIIA blankets.
  • Armor Plates:
    • 1-4 day delay on all armor plates.
    • 2-6 week delay on level III (3) armor plates. Includes lightweight variant. Level IIIA (3A) and IV (4) plates not affected. 
  • Vests:
    • 1-4 day delay for all Soft Armor IIIA Vests
      • 2-3 week delay for L/XL/XXL sized vests
    • 1-2 day delay for 10x12 and 11x14 plate carriers with free IIIA armor. 
  • IIIA Masks:
    • 3-4 week delay for Full Masks. 
    • 1-2 day delay for Helmet/Half-cut Masks.  
  • IIIA Visors:
    • 1-4 day delay.

    Other items not listed are typically shipped out within 1 week.  If this might be a concern, please reach out to support staff to inquire about a specific item, color, or model. We are not responsible for shipping carrier delays (see legal page for more information.)