Bulletproof Blankets

These bulletproof blankets have full ballistic shield stopping capability. When you need safety from gunfire and active shooters there are few better ways to accomplish that than bulletproof shields. VIP protection with these flexible and lightweight shields is easier than ever! Easily stops 12 gauge shotgun slugs on the first paper-thin layer, AR-9 9mm assault rifles and countless other types of guns and ammo with ease. Browse our collection of bulletproof blankets online or contact Atomic Defense to learn more. 

Why Bulletproof Blankets? 

It's better to be safe and prepared when it comes to gun awareness. Bulletproof blankets feature traits that make them one of the best gunfire protection methods. Using a bulletproof blanket is a great personal defensive measure whether you have a dangerous profession or you want to protect yourself at home. Customers from police officers and military operatives to civilians choose ballistic blankets because they are: 

  • Versatile: Bulletproof blankets function in multiple positions and protect against many of the most common rounds. 
  • Light: These blankets cover the user with reliable ballistic protection. You'll enjoy excellent mobility whether you're carrying the blanket with its attached handles or holding it for cover.
  • Easy to store: Level 3A Bulletproof blankets are foldable and feature convenient buckles to hold a tight form. It's easy to store these blankets, slip them into a bag, or quickly open and use them on the go.

When to Use a Bulletproof Blanket

Bulletproof blankets are light and easy to fold, making them one of the best portable ballistic solutions. Many customers use our products as bodyguard blankets that provide a wide field of ballistic coverage during VIP and public shootings. These blankets are ideal for ducking under or holding like a shield in stationary or mobile positions. It's also common to use a ballistic blanket as temporary lining for bags, car interiors and other surfaces. 

Beyond gunfire, bulletproof blankets also resist debris like shrapnel, glass and wood shavings. Having one around during a hazardous storm can prevent abrasions and lacerations from broken windows or other structures. Some of our blankets are also strong enough to suppress explosive devices

Above NIJ-Tested Protection

At Atomic Defense, we test our bulletproof blankets against the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ) standards for body armor. We hit all of the NIJ's requirements, then continue testing to push each piece of equipment to its furthest limits. You can count on us for ballistic blankets that surpass ballistic performance requirements for their classification levels. Both the Level IIIA and Level III products protect against ammo types including FMJ, hollow point, soft point, and some green tip. Our blankets span two levels within NIJ standard 0101.06 for body armor, including: 

  • Level IIIA: This level offers protection against the strongest handgun rounds, including: 9mm, .38 Special, 10mm, .40 cal, 45ACP/Auto, .44 Magnum, .357 mag, and .357 SIG. We also test our level IIIA armor against 12-gauge shotgun slugs.
  • Level III: These standards protect against 5.56, .308,30-30, and 7.62mm rifle rounds compatible with common assault rifles like the AR-15 and AK-47. 

Bulk Ordering and Customization

You can order products from our bulletproof blanket inventory to supply the entire unit or department. We offer various colors and can complete your blankets with your organization's logo or patches. Contact us online to discuss bulk ordering prices, shipping, customization options and more.