Ops-Core Helmets (Ballistic & Bump)

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What Ops-Core helmet is right for you?

Look below for our charts to help choose the model you need. Choosing the right Ops-Core helmet can be a daunting task, each offering its own advantages and features. It's important to take into account the type of protection you need and how the helmet will be used in order to get the best possible fit and protection.

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How much of your head each model with cover:Ops-core helmets compared chart side by side | Atomic Defense

Ops-Core Ballistic Helmets, Quick Facts:

  • Ops-Core ballistic helmets are designed for military and law enforcement users. High level of protection from blunt impact, multiple bullet types, and calibers, but we also sell to civilians.
  • The FAST (High-Cut Ballistic Helmet) family of helmets is the most advanced, offering a lightweight design, superior comfort, and maximum protection.
  • SENTRY helmets are based on the FAST helmet geometry and provide the same ballistic protection as an ACH helmet with more coverage.
  • TBH helmets come in three trim options (high-cut, mid-cut, or low-cut) with NVG shrouds, VELCRO® Brand fasteners, and Ops-Core ARC Rails to suit individual missions.
  • All Ops-Core Ballistic Helmets meet NIJ standards for handgun threats up to rifle caliber rounds depending on the model chosen.
  • Ops-core helmets also offer knife resistance, impact protection, easy add-on of communication headsets, and more.

Different kinds of accessories the ops-core helmets can use

All of our Ops-Core Helmets for Sale

Atomic Defense offers a wide range of helmets that are designed to meet the toughest military requirements. From their FAST® family of helmets, which is their most advanced and comes with the latest in accessories, to Sentry™ helmet platforms and TBH helmets, Ops-Core has something for everyone.

All of these ballistic helmets provide superior protection against handgun threats and some rifle threats as well. Furthermore, all helmet platforms can be mission configured with various system components such as NVG shrouds and VELCRO® Brand fasteners for maximum versatility on the battlefield.

Soldier with AMP headset and ops-core helmet | Atomic Defense

Ops-Core Helmet Options. Shop for Ops-Core Helmets here, with Atomic Defense.

Ops-Core FAST Helmets (Aka High-Cut)

The FAST® family of hybrid composite helmets is the most advanced yet. The newest and lightest ballistic helmet, the FAST SF, boasts top-of-the-line accessories while providing a comfortable fit that accommodates comms headsets. The high-cut trim design of both the FAST XP high-cut and FAST LE offers more coverage compared to the SF.

However, this comes with slightly increased weight in exchange for enhanced ballistics protection. For those looking for extra security against handgun threats, then look no further than the NIJ-compliant FAST LE—a favorite choice among law enforcement personnel!

Ops-Core SENTRY Helmets (Aka Mid-Cut)

The Sentry helmet is a lightweight and agile protective shield, based on the FAST helmet geometry. It will provide you with the same ballistic safety as an ACH helmet, but with increased coverage area to create additional protection. Ops-Core ARC Rails and Skeleton Shroud allow for personalized customization according to mission requirements, offering XP or LE levels of defense. With this revolutionary design from SENTRY™, your head is guarded against harm like never before!


Mexican army helmet | Atomic Defense

Ops-Core TBH 7.62 Helmets (Aka level 3)

TBH helmets are constructed according to the ACH geometry and come in different shapes: high-cut, mid-cut, and low-cut. Additionally, they can be customized with either an NVG shroud or VELCRO® Brand fasteners plus Ops-Core ARC Rails. Plus, TBH IIIA meets NIJ standards for handgun protection while its sister model TBH R1 is capable of providing both handguns as well as some rifle protection in accordance with new NIJ regulations. This is accomplished by using the highest quality polyethylene and woven aramid available.

Ops-Core Bump Helmets

These Ops-Core helmets have been designed to protect against low-velocity impacts. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable, making them ideal for extended wear while still providing superior protection. With a vented lux liner and a modular bungees, they are also adjustable and feature an ergonomic fit system that allows you to customize the fit of the helmet for maximum comfort and protection. The OPSCore helmet is constructed from a high-performance polycarbonate shell with a 6-layer foam inner liner which absorbs and disperses energy from low-velocity impacts.

Spec ops ballistic helmet and bump helmets


Can Civilians Buy Ops-Core Helmets?

Yes, civilians can buy Ops-Core helmets, although most of these helmets are designed for military and law enforcement personnel. When purchasing a helmet or other situational awareness products for civilian use, it is important to understand the helmet’s capabilities, limitations, and size restrictions. Additionally, most Ops-Core helmets can be custom fitted with add-on accessories such as visors, ear protection, and communication headsets.

Where to Buy Ops-Core FAST Helmets?

You can find helmets and other gear by Ops-Core for sale at Atomic Defense. If you like products from Gentex, purchase Ops-Core equipment right here on the website. We're the perfect place for those looking to buy Ops-Core helmets and other protective gear. With a wide selection of products, ranging from the latest FAST helmet systems to visors, ear protection, and communication headsets, Atomic Defense provides customers with a one-stop shop for their ballistic needs.

In addition to providing customers with high-quality ballistic protection products at reasonable prices, Atomic Defense also provides expert advice through its Customer Service team which is available 24/7 via email or telephone. They offer personalized support for any questions or concerns consumers have about purchasing or using their products properly.

Looking for a place to buy Ops-Core helmets? We're here for you. Feel free to reach out with any questions.