Shipping & Return Info

Quick Policies:

  • Return Period: 30 Days or more on a per case basis.
  • Return Exemptions: We reserve the right to refuse a return for any reason.  We usually return almost anything though.
  • General Returns: Take a picture of the issue and include it in the return request.  We pay return shipping if we made a mistake.
  • Shipping Period: 10-15 Days inside the U.S. (Unless faster shipping is purchased.)
  • Handling Period: 3 Days  
  • First Responder Discount:  10% discount for law enforcement, military, and first responders.  Make an account and then email with an image of your credentials for automatic discounts.
  • International, State, and County Government Purchases:  Please contact if you don't already have an account.
  • Not all equipment available to civilians:  For access to armored vehicles, ammunition, contracts, and more - contact


Q: What are our plates made of?

Polyethylene (PE) and Ceramic because it provides better protection and usage.  Pure polyethylene on all NIJ IIIA and lower ratings.

Q: Does our armor meet all NIJ guidelines?

Yes, all guidelines from the National Institute of Justice are always met.

Q: What is the lifespan of armor plates?

5 years, and don't let anyone tell you longer.  Please do the research.

Q: Are Atomic plates multi-hit capable?

Yes, all plates are tested for a minimum of one round per NIJ standards.  Though, it does depend on the type of round and type of armor.

Q: How much do your plates weigh?

They are all different.  Our NIJ III plates are less than the 6+ pound standard.  A lot lighter than steel plates and lighter than kevlar.

Q: Do you offer custom orders?

Yes, please contact with your orders and questions.

Q: What is the difference between X-line coating and the cloth?

X-Line helps compress and slow the wear of the armor. Cloth does the same but less effectively.

Q: Can you private label for me or can I be a dealer Atomic?

Yes, we can private label or you can sell Atomic products and earn a 5% commission.  

Q: Do you accept wire transfers?

Yes, on large orders before production. 40/60

Q: Do you sell AR500 plates?

No, we consider steel unsafe and barbaric when compared to our polyethylene.