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Shootings can happen while you're walking through the city, working at the office, shopping at the mall or anywhere else. A bulletproof backpack from Atomic Defense can protect you or a loved one at any time. Each bag features a unique design to improve your daily life while offering the support you need in worst-case scenarios. 

Our bulletproof backpacks and insert panels offer a wide range of protection against any weaponry from pistols to armor-piercing (AP) rifle ammunition. We carry bags qualifying for Levels IIIA, III and IV under the National Insitute of Justice's standard (NIJ) standard 0101.06 for body armor. Each bulletproof bag undergoes testing to exceed the requirements for its target NIJ Level.

Ballistics Backpacks in Various Styles

We carry bulletproof backpacks for any setting. Choose a bulletproof tactical pack for a classic military style, or select a model that looks like any other backpack you'd wear to carry your school books, hold camping supplies or store gym clothes. 

What Are Bulletproof Backpacks?

A bulletproof backpack is an inconspicuous form of ballistics protection that you can wear every day. These bags feature padded straps and various zipper pockets for storage and convenience. The difference is that ballistic backpacks also include armor plates to absorb or disperse energy from the bullets described within the qualifying NIJ category.

A backpack with ballistic plates can serve as either mobile or stationary armor. Deeply sewn straps hold the bag in place while fleeing from an active shooter, preventing the wearer from being shot in the back. The bags are light, allowing the wearer to hold theirs as a shield or raise it to protect the back of their head. Wearers can also crouch or lie behind their bulletproof bag if necessary.

How Strong Are Bulletproof Backpacks?

Bulletproof bags are as strong as their armor plates' materials. A bag with a Level IIIA backpack insert will stop handgun rounds like 9mm, 44 Magnum and .357 FMJ bullets. Level III insert plates stop 7.62mm NATO rounds from AK-47 or AR-15 assault rifles. Level IV backpacks resist armor-piercing rifles for the highest level of protection. We test our bulletproof backpacks to meet and surpass NIJ standards.

Can I Strengthen My Bulletproof Backpack?

You can strengthen your bulletproof backpack defense by using additional armor plates. Our armor plates range from NIJ Level IIIA through IV and can slide into any of our spacious backpacks for enhanced bullet resistance. We've developed a graphic to help you identify which level plates you should consider based on their ability to stop common weapons and calibers:

Ballistic Resistance of Bulletproof Plates by Caliber and Weapon Type

Where Can I Wear Bulletproof a Backpack?

Bulletproof backpacks are legal to wear anywhere, including airports, so wear one anywhere you feel gun violence is a concern. We carry lightweight bulletproof bags with comfortable straps that offer inconspicuous ballistic protection in any situation. These bags are light enough for kids to wear to school and feature unique designs that blend in with their classmates.

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