Vest Accessories

Ballistic vest accessories can make your body armor or riot gear more versatile, useful and attractive. You can carry additional equipment without sacrificing mobility and comfort. Having the right vest accessories can keep you safer at all times. 

When you shop Atomic Defense's selection of ballistic vest accessories, you get the high-quality products you need to stay safe and perform at your best. 

Individual First Aid Kit

The Apollo Rapid Access Individual First Aid Kit holds everything you need to deal with a medical emergency. The quick-deploy design means you'll spend less time getting the items you need and more time treating injuries. 

Not every first aid kit has the supplies you need for your unique requirements. You can fill this individual first aid kit with the specific emergency supplies you'll need for a variety of scenarios. 

The Apollo Rapid Access Individual First Aid Kit quickly attaches to belts, bags, plate carriers and other Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE). It also has a heavy-duty construction to withstand harsh conditions and last for years.

Mag Pouches

Pouches allow law enforcement officers and military personnel to carry magazines and ammo safely and easily. At Atomic Defense, we have single and double mag pouches that fit rifle and pistol magazines. These pouches are durably constructed to protect your magazines and keep them securely in place until you need them. 

Our mag pouches are MOLLE-attachable so you can put them right on your gear. Many of our mag pouches also have an open-top design for fast, easy access to your magazines. 

While these pouches are designed to store magazines, the pistol pouches are also ideal for storing tools and other items.

Multipurpose Pouch

Our Multipurpose Pouch makes the perfect addition to your gear. You can use it to store small personal items like money, cards or pens with easy access. Wear this tactical pouch on your belt or attach it to a vest or backpack with a Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) using the MOLLE-compatible straps.

The Multipurpose Pouch is great for work and outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hunting and hiking.

Modular Front Panels

Military personnel and law enforcement officers can use a modular front panel to store the items they need to access easily, from magazines to a small compass. You can quickly attach or detach a modular front panel to the front of your plate carrier. 

At Atomic Defense, you'll find modular front panels compatible with the Shadow Plate Carrier and the QRF Plate Carrier.

Shoulder Straps

Our Velcro Shoulder Straps fasten your Maxx-Dri Vest to your carrier so you can take them on and off as a unit, making them a convenient accessory for law enforcement officers and military personnel. These straps are also fully adjustable so you can position them to your liking.

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