Quality Before Quantity - Warranty

The team at Atomic Defense has spent years perfecting our products to ensure that our standards and national standards are always met.  This has allowed us to earn both the trust of our customers and partnered companies.  With each year, we are fortunate enough to serve more and more people who know the quality and value that we represent.  

Anything that happens, we've got your back.

Even though we cannot always be with you in person - we know that when our armor protects your life, you can then save countless others.  It is with this mindset that we offer 100% warranties on all the products we make.  

Lifetime Warranty: Always There, Always Ready!

Atomic Defense armor is covered by our complete LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Any parts, labor, or fixing that ever needs to be done - we're here for you. This extends beyond the original purchaser and is transferred to each owner.  Remember that all parts can be fixed or replaced at no cost to you or anyone you pass the helmet on to.

Our Philosophy: Continuous Improvement

You'll notice that we don't have 20 different helmets, 30 bulletproof vests, or countless accessories under our Atomic Defense brand.  That's because Atomic Defense focuses on a few products to make them the best they can be.  Improved quality and going above industry standards are always our goals.  This has benefited customers like you in huge ways with incredibly low return rates of just 0.4%.  That's less than 1/200 orders!  (Compared to the 1.0%-5.0% industry-standard i.e. 2/200-10/200 orders)  
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