Concealable Body Armor for Sale

Shop online with Atomic Defense for a wide range of military-grade body armor that meets or exceeds NIJ standards. We manufacture Kevlar concealable body armor civilians can trust for reliable protection in any scenario.

As a leading manufacturer and dealer of ballistic equipment, we arm customers with dependable equipment and the information to use it to the maximum effect. Each concealable body armor product and accessory undergoes extensive testing against various types of ammunition to confirm its NIJ status. Browse our military-grade body armor today to prioritize safety and preparation.

Body Armor for Civilians

Anyone can shop with Atomic Defense for an extensive product selection that earns the trust of military operatives and police forces. Our most popular products will keep you safe at all times.


The face is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body in combat situations. Our tactical face masks and guards protect the face while preserving the visual field. Each ballistic mask meets NIJ IIIA requirements. Choose either a full face mask or a bulletproof visor compatible with most standard ballistic helmets.


A dependable bulletproof helmet can make all the difference in hostile situations. Our ballistic helmets feature materials like Kevlar and polyethylene that deflect or absorb bullets while interior memory padding softens impact force. Each helmet features tactical rail systems compatible with various attachments. Browse our inventory for PASGT, MICH, ACH and FAST ballistic helmets.


The bulletproof vest is a staple of concealable body armor and one we're proud to offer. Browse the Atomic defense inventory for various soft body ballistic vests featuring Kevlar, UHMWPE and more. We carry various concealable vests to wear under other clothing, as well as dress vests that blend with your attire. Each product meets NIJ level IIIA standards for vests.

Plate Carriers

Plate carriers allow the wearer to choose their level of protection. Our lightweight carrier vests have pockets to hold as many bulletproof plates as you'd like. Plate carriers are ideal to wear while hunting or shooting at the range. Choose a carrier vest to customize your protection with precise plate types, quantities and placements.

Insert Plates and Panels

Armed forces, police departments and civilians use insert plates for custom ballistic protection on the job or in an emergency. Our insert plates slide into bulletproof vests or carriers and contour to the body for optimal protection and mobility. Browse our plates and panels for NIJ levels IIIA, III and IV ballistic protection.


Bulletproof backpacks help you in dangerous situations. Our backpacks are available in a wide range of styles to suit anyone's preferences. From army-green tactical backpacks to athletic styles from brands like Puma and Titan, we have bulletproof backpacks for any situation. Browse our selection before your next hike, hunt or trip to a high-crime area.

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Atomic Defense carries a variety of products that offer high-level ballistic protection that meets and exceeds NIJ standards. Shop our body armor for sale to civilians online.