Bulletproof Plate Carriers

Versatility is a beneficial feature in bulletproof equipment — that's what you get with bulletproof plate carriers. Our plate carriers for sale can transition from traditional tactical vests to formidable bulletproof body armor in seconds. Unlike other bulletproof vests that have permanent armor, each carrier vest contains pockets for bulletproof plates that stop rounds in their tracks. 

Bulletproof carriers are compatible with any of the inserts in our inventory. Our bulletproof plates and panels span the highest National Institue of Justice (NIJ) levels, including: 

  • Level IIIA: Our NIJ 3A plates can stop .357 SIG FMJ Flat Nose rounds and lesser ammunition at depths as little as 44mm. 
  • Level III: Plates with an NIJ 3 rating can stop rounds from common assault rifles like AK-47s and AR-15s, enabling civilian access to military-grade protection. 
  • Level IV: The highest level available, our NIJ 4 plates absorb hits from various NARO AP and API rounds.

Here's a more comprehensive look at what our bulletproof plates protect against:

Ballistic Resistance of Bulletproof Plates by Caliber and Weapon Type

Browse our plate carriers with plates and pouches to find dependable, customizable protection for tactical training, airsoft, paintball or emergency situations. You'll find individual vests, as well as package deals when you buy a vest and plates. 

Benefits of Plate Carrier Vests 

Atomic Defense makes bulletproof gear military operatives and police departments trust available to civilian customers. Browse our online inventory for carrier vests that offer a host of benefits, including: 

  • Custom protection: Carrier vests let the wearer swap plates at will for situation-specific protection. Each vest has various pockets across the surface, meaning you can target specific areas of your body with stronger plates. 
  • Mobility: Carrier vests are light before adding plates and only as heavy as the panels you insert. The freedom to add or subtract weight gives you the amount of mobility you want for the situation while allowing you to adjust on the go. 
  • Comfort: Soft armor carrier vests are lighter and more comfortable to wear than hard body armor. Each of our vests includes padded straps to preserve comfort as you add more plates. 
  • Versatility: Beyond ballistic protection, select carrier vests from Atomic defense serve as modular lightweight load-carrying equipment (MOLLE). You'll receive the most value for your purchase with vests that hold various types of plates and offer support without them.  

Why Order Through Atomic Defense?

At Atomic Defense, we take pride in providing the best protective equipment and customer service. We put our vests through extensive testing at our NIJ-certified testing location to ensure optimal function. We provide paper certificates to back each product's NIJ level, plus video footage we record during the testing process. Order through Atomic Defense for military-quality carrier vests for civilian use at a competitive price point. 

Browse Our Plate Carriers 

Bulletproof plate carriers offer versatile ballistic protection to put the wearer in charge of their emergency preparation. Browse our site to find individual products like Level 3 plate carriers or package deals like Level 4 body armor with a carrier. Contact us online today for more information.