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Military Helmets (IIIA+ Ballistic Helmets)

Military Helmets, also known as Bulletproof Helmets and Ballistic Helmets.

Are Ballistic Helmets worth it?

Yes, bulletproof and tactical helmets are something that we pride ourselves on. All are backed by military helmet standards in place by the NIJ, FBI, and multiple international standards.

We use high-compression polyethylene and aramids in all of our bulletproof products. This stops bullets such as shotgun slugs, 9mm, and other assault rifle ammunition. Our helmets even protect the wearer against shrapnel and knife attacks.

At Atomic Defense, we make bulletproof tactical helmets that provide total ballistic protection against close-range rounds from pistols and shotguns. Our military-grade ballistic helmets can be the difference between life and death. Browse our inventory of body armor to find the right bulletproof helmet for your purposes. Our experts are available to help you understand our offerings, so contact us online to get started. 

military ballistic helmets setup

What are bulletproof Helmets made of, and what do they protect against?

Ballistic helmets are designed to protect the most critical part of your body. They're constructed from advanced materials like Kevlar or ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) composites created by leading manufacturers like DuPont. The material in each helmet provides a lightweight solution for head protection. It's strong enough to protect against impact from fragments and most handgun rounds at close range.

The helmets also feature interior comfort pads that reduce impact and create the perfect fit. All in all, Kevlar and UHMWPE helmets are an essential part of any soldier's kit. It offers them the much-needed safety they need while facing off against various threats.

What Is NIJ Level IIIA for Military Helmets? 

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) sets requirements for bulletproof helmet performance under NIJ standard 0106.01. Under this standard, a helmet first withstands four shots (one to each side). If the helmet resists penetration, the test repeats with a second helmet.

The second helmet undergoes two to four hours of immersion in room-temperature water before testing. The size and speed of bullets the helmets can stop and the speed at which they travel determine their NIJ level. 

We test all of our helmets to meet and exceed requirements for NIJ Level IIIA. Our helmets meet Level IIIA's requirement of withstanding shots from .357 SIG FMJ rounds at 1469.82 fps and .44 Magnum rounds at 1430.45 fps.

Our testers fire additional rounds to ensure our helmets withstand a wide range of ammunition, including 12-gauge shotgun slugs and buckshot. You've come to the right place if you're looking to purchase bulletproof headgear such as a full-face ballistic helmet.

Level III (3) Ballistic Helmet. Real or Not?

Level III ballistic helmets are sometimes found online alongside IIIA helmets. Which option is going to be the right fit for you? First, just know that level III helmets that do exist will not actually protect you as you would expect. For this reason, always shop with a reputable source for IIIA (3A) helmet options instead.

The closest thing to a level 3 helmet that exists is IIIA+ (3A+). Level IIIA and IIIA+ consistently outperform older Kevlar helmet level II models. This will resist rifle rounds and provide superior impact and shock protection from blunt objects or falls.

IIIA vs IIIA+ Helmets what is the difference?

The difference between level IIIA and level IIIA+ is a significant one. Level IIIA armor offers protection from most handgun rounds, including .44 Magnums and .357s, as well as 9mm submachine gun rounds, and is rated for one impact per side.

Level IIIA+ helmets up the ante, offering more protection from high-powered rounds like 7.62 from longer ranges.

  • IIIA+ is slightly heavier with more protection and less deformation of the helmet during impact. It can resist 7.62 ammunition at longer ranges. Essentially a close step towards a level III helmet (a higher rating than IIIA).
  • IIIA is slightly lighter than IIIA+. It sticks to only the NIJ IIIA rating that stops up to .44 Magnum at a close distance. IIIA helmets are not rated for rifle rounds.

What are the different types of Military Helmets available?

Military helmets are an essential piece of personal protective equipment for military and law enforcement. There are a variety of styles and designs available to provide specialized protection based on the mission requirements. MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet) and ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet) helmets are two of the most popular.

MICH helmets offer greater head coverage and comfort while ACH helmets provide better ballistic protection. They remain virtually the same as each other in every other aspect. For special operations, FAST (aka High-Cut) helmets are used. They feature increased mobility and hearing, lighter weight, and modular components that can be attached to customize the helmet.

Depending on mission requirements, we also have Mid-Cut and High-Cut helmets available. Additionally, bulletproof helmets like ours offer watertight protection against splashes or submersion in water. Military and police departments around the world equip their soldiers with reliable, comfortable, and protective helmets every day. You should too.


The Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) is a Kevlar helmet design the U.S. adopted for the War in Afghanistan. They would later alter the design under the new name Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH). 

ACH and MICH helmets are virtually the same. Both modern designs usually have NVG mounts and an ARC rail system for mil-spec parts. Other key attributes are the low-profile side brim "ears" for use with ComTacs and other helmet accessories.


The Future Assault Shell Technology (FAST) helmet is an above-the-ear (ATE) or High-Cut model. This high-cut ballistic helmet features a convenient ARC rail system for the ultimate setup with attachments.

The ATE design focuses on lightweight comfort and protection of the back of the head. This leaves room for communication devices and other equipment on the sides. FAST bulletproof helmets are some of the lightest, most comfortable, and most mission-adaptable.

What helmets does the military use?

The Army, Navy, Marines, and Airforce all utilize a range of different helmets depending on the mission. The most widely used military helmet is the MICH/ACH style of helmet. This is because it gives soldiers slightly more protection with its "ear covers".

For other missions, the US Navy employs bump helmets (not ballistic) and FAST (Aka High-Cut) for their flight crews. Ultimately, all branches of the military have access to customized helmets. They not only protect service personnel but also help increase mission efficiency.

Which type of tactical helmet is right for me?

When it comes to choosing the right helmet for your needs, understanding the difference between the different styles is important. Many modern helmets have been updated or replaced. Now, the ACH (aka, updated MICH) or the FAST (aka High-Cut) style of helmets are used. Both are commonly used today.

Consider the differences that may affect how well the helmet fits on your head. Aspects to consider are the style of the cut, weight, and cost.

Don't need bulletproofing? Get a bump helmet instead of a ballistic helmet. This will save weight and the helmet won't need to be replaced every 5 years.

In today's world, be sure to get a helmet with NVG mounts and ARC rails. This provides room for accessories like Go-Pros, NVGs, and flashlights. Please reach out to us in our chat system if you need help making a decision.

How do I care for my ballistic helmet?

Caring for and cleaning your ballistic helmet is a vital part of maintaining its performance and extending its life. The most important step in caring for your ballistic helmet is water: always make sure the helmet is clean and dry. You can clean your helmet using water, but avoid submerging it or using any bleach-based household chemicals. These could affect the integrity of the ballistic material the helmet is made from.

Most ballistic helmets come with a warranty of up to five years. However, this warranty period may expire sooner if you do not take proper care of the helmet. Make sure to follow all instructions carefully and keep your protection up-to-date for optimal safety.

  • Water: Always make sure the helmet is clean and dry and avoid water when possible
  • Temperature: Avoid leaving your helmet in areas that fluctuate up and down in temperature.
  • Moisture: Helmet padding is designed to pull moisture from your head. Be sure to take care of the pads.
  • Washing: Only wash helmets using a damp cloth and a highly-diluted mix of dish soap.

Atomic Defense has Ballistic Helmets for sale today!

You can find a wide selection of ballistic helmets and accessory kits to buy at Atomic Defense. Browse our inventory of helmets and various other tactical equipment to see what we have in stock. To learn more about our products, testing methods, wholesale options, and more, contact us online today!

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