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Become an Atomic Defense Body Armor Dealer or Start Your Brand Today!

We'd be glad to have you aboard.  Whether you are looking to become a dealer, start your own brand, or be an affiliate marketer - this is where you start.

Influencer/Affiliate?  Apply here: Influencer Sign-up

Why work with Atomic Defense?

  1. We provide both Atomic Defense products as well as several other well-known brands.
  2. We always go above the standard and stop more rounds of higher calibers than the industry standard.
  3. Marketing materials, videos, and images available on request.
  4. We accept requests for specific video and image content you can use in your marketing.
  5. Fast and consistent communication to assist you in selling our products.

You don't need to meet all these requirements. Fill out the form to the best of your ability: **Affiliates and Influencers, use the links above for sign-up.