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Precision Perfected: Redefining Optics with Innovation and Legendary Reliability.

Trijicon is globally recognized for providing some of the most reliable, and precise optical devices - from the Trijicon ACOG riflescopes to the Trijicon RMR reflex sights - available on the market. Recognized by military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters alike, Trijicon optics have been battle-tested in some of the harshest environments and under the most demanding conditions, and demonstrating their outstanding resilience and accuracy time and again. The trust placed in Trijicon by elite defense forces and shooting enthusiasts worldwide speaks volumes of their standing as a leader in the industry.

Trijicon Products

Trijicon offers a comprehensive range of precision aiming systems and optics designed for various applications, including military, law enforcement, hunting, and competitive shooting. Trijicon optics are tested to endure the toughest environments and the most brutal abuse.


Known for legendary toughness and proven accuracy, the Trijicon riflescopes are built to provide the user with unmatched clarity, field of view, and target acquisition.

  • Trijicon ACOG. The game-changer. Trusted by the Marine Corps and U.S. Special Operations Forces as their official medium-distance engagement optic, the ACOG has earned its reputation as the go-to choice for professionals worldwide. Every aspect of its design, from the brilliantly illuminated reticle pattern to its compact form factor, is meticulously crafted to enhance hit potential in all lighting conditions.

  • Trijicon AccuPoint. The AccuPoint riflescopes feature battery-free, illuminated reticles that use tritium and fiber optic technology. The illumination technology adjusts to lighting conditions, ensuring optimal visibility in any environment. This Trijicon scope is a perfectionist's dream, offering unmatched clarity, accuracy, and durability for even the most demanding shooters.
  • Trijicon Ascent. Expertly crafted for individuals aiming to enhance their shooting abilities. This optic seamlessly blends precision and durability, ensuring reliable performance in various conditions. It stands out with its rugged construction, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned shooters. Moreover, the Ascent offers an attractive price point, allowing you to invest more in range time rather than expensive equipment. With the Trijicon Ascent, you can focus on honing your skills with confidence, knowing your gear is up to the task.
  • Trijicon Credo. The Credo series, a replacement to the discontinued Trijicon AccuPower, offers LED illuminated riflescopes designed to meet the rigorous standards of America's elite fighting forces. Drawing on decades of deployment experience, these scopes deliver unparalleled precision, exceptional durability, and unmatched versatility. Whether you're in the field or at the range, the Trijicon Credo ensures that you have a reliable, high-performance optic that enhances your shooting accuracy and overall performance.
  • Trijicon Credo HX. The Credo HX riflescopes feature LED illuminated riflescopes designed with the hunter in mind. Offering precision, durability, and versatility, these scopes are perfect for tracking all types of game and varmint. Specially developed to meet the demanding needs of hunters, the Credo HX ensures reliable performance in any environment, providing you with the confidence and accuracy needed for a successful hunt.
  • Trijicon Huron. The Huron series is engineered for serious hunters seeking top-tier performance without breaking the bank. With excellent light transmission and premium anti-scratch glass, these Trijicon scopes offer a crystal-clear and durable viewing experience. The extra-wide field of view ensures you never miss a moment in the field. Ultra-lightweight and affordably priced, the Trijicon Huron allows you to invest more in your other essential hunting gear while still enjoying unparalleled optical quality.
  • Trijicon TenmileThe Tenmile is the pinnacle of long-range riflescope technology. Specifically engineered for refined shooters, every model in the Tenmile lineup guarantees unparalleled accuracy and precision at extreme distances. With the flexibility to choose your preferred focal plane and reticle design, you can trust in the optics that suit your shooting style best. As with all Trijicon products, expect nothing less than proven durability and exceptional clarity, ensuring your view remains crisp and your shots stay on target, no matter the distance.
  • Trijicon Tenmile HX. The Tenmile HX riflescopes are engineered to empower shooters to take long-range shots in the most challenging environments with confidence. Equipped with illuminated precision hunting reticles, these scopes offer unparalleled accuracy even in low-light conditions. The outstanding glass ensures a crystal-clear view of your target, while the rugged construction ensures durability in the field. Whether you're hunting in harsh terrain or adverse weather conditions, the Trijicon Tenmile HX is your trusted companion for precision and reliability.
  • Trijicon VCOG. The Trijicon VCOG stands as the epitome of extreme durability and absolute precision. This rugged, variable-powered riflescope boasts an LED-illuminated, first-focal-plane reticle, ensuring optimal clarity and accuracy in any situation. Designed to excel in hunting, military, law enforcement, and competitive applications, the VCOG is the go-to choice for discerning shooters who demand nothing but the best. With its unparalleled durability and precise optics, the Trijicon VCOG sets the standard for excellence in every field.

Reflex/Red Dot Sights

Offering absolute precision and durability, Trijicon's red dot sights and reflex sights cater to the demands of military units, law enforcement agencies, and competitive shooters.

  • Trijicon RMR. As the official reflex sight of USSOCOM, the RMR is designed to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Its patented housing shape is engineered to absorb impacts and divert stresses away from the lens, significantly increasing durability. Whether in the field or at the range, the Trijicon RMR delivers exceptional performance, ensuring your shots are accurate and reliable under any conditions.
  • Trijicon RMR HD. The RMR HD is an innovative red dot pistol optic, meticulously designed to meet the evolving needs of Law Enforcement and Military professionals. Featuring a top-loading battery for easy changes, a larger viewing window for enhanced target acquisition, and an advanced forward-looking light sensor, the RMR HD adapts seamlessly to varying light conditions.
  • Trijicon RMR cc. The RMRcc is specifically designed to give you confidence when concealed carrying. Its thinner, lower-profile design reduces the risk of snags, allowing for a faster and easier draw. Despite its smaller size, the RMRcc retains all the exceptional features of the Trijicon RMR®, including its renowned durability, reliability, and precision. Experience the perfect blend of performance and concealability with the Trijicon RMRcc.
  • Trijicon RCR. The RCR is an extremely rugged and durable closed emitter optic designed to meet the strict demands of military and law enforcement applications. As the next evolution of the renowned Trijicon RMR, the RCR is engineered to withstand direct impacts and thrive in the harshest environments. Combining unmatched durability with exceptional performance, the Trijicon RCR ensures reliability and precision in the most challenging conditions.
  • Trijicon SRO. The SRO is designed to enhance the shooting experience with its maximized field of view and a clean, crisp red dot. This combination ensures improved pistol accuracy, making it ideal for competitive shooting and target shooting applications. With the Trijicon SRO, you can achieve faster target acquisition and unparalleled precision, giving you the edge you need in every shot.
  • Trijicon MRO. The MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic) is a sealed, miniature reflex sight meticulously crafted for use on rifles, carbines, and shotguns, offering lightning-fast target acquisition and served as the replacement for the discontinued Trijicon SRS. Its large aperture and tapered light path not only maximize the viewing area but also facilitate better situational awareness and rapid target engagement. With the Trijicon MRO, shooters can confidently acquire targets with speed and precision, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition in any scenario.
  • Trijicon MGRS. The MGRS (Machine Gun Reflex Sight) offers faster target acquisition and engagement for machine gun operators. This non-magnified optic is specifically designed to mount to the M2 and M240 machine guns, providing prime military technology to aid machine gunners in rapid target acquisition and engagement. Engineered for military applications, the Trijicon MGRS ensures machine gun operators can acquire and engage targets with speed and precision, maintaining dominance on the battlefield.

Iron Sights

Designed to withstand the toughest conditions and provide fast target acquisition, Trijicon's iron sights are the go-to choice for professionals in law enforcement and competitive shooting sports.

  • Trijicon Bright & Tough. These Trijicon sights are the choice of major handgun manufacturers and standard issue for numerous local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The Bright & Tough™ sights excel in any lighting situation, providing effective aiming solutions day or night. Built to endure rugged conditions while maintaining absolute accuracy, the sights are designed to take a beating and keep you on target.
  • Trijicon HD. The HD sights offer precision and quick acquisition for shooters in any lighting condition. This self-luminous, three-dot night sight set features a highly visible photoluminescent paint outline, ensuring clear and rapid target acquisition even in low-light situations. The rear sight is angled and serrated to reduce glare and aid in front-sight focus, providing shooters with enhanced visibility and improved accuracy.
  • Trijicon HD XR. The Trijicon HD XR sights represent the next level of advanced target identification and engagement, particularly at increased distances. Ideal for police and competitive shooters, these sights offer enhanced precision and accuracy when it matters most. The thinner front sight post allows shooters to have a larger field of view, facilitating quicker target acquisition and improved situational awareness.
  • Trijicon DI. The DI (Dual Illuminated) Night Sights, features Tritium and Fiber Illumination for unrivaled visibility in any lighting condition. These sights are equipped with an industry-first, interchangeable fiber, ensuring an ultra-bright aiming point in any light conditions, from daylight-bright to low-light to complete darkness.
  • Trijicon Fiber Sights. The Fiber Sights are engineered to deliver the absolute brightest aiming point while maintaining strength and a refined sight picture. Featuring fiber optic illumination, these sights provide optimal brightness for fast and accurate rounds on target. The bright, thin sights create the perfect aiming point, ensuring shooters can confidently acquire and engage targets with speed and precision.
  • Trijicon Suppressor/Optic Height Sights. These sights are purposefully designed for pistols fitted with suppressors. These also function as reliable backup iron sights for shooters utilizing pistol-mounted red dot sights. With their increased height, these sights are able to accommodate multiple shooting applications, ensuring optimal performance whether shooting suppressed or using an optic.

Thermal Technology

With advanced thermal imaging technology, Trijicon offers riflescopes and sighting systems that deliver unparalleled accuracy and performance in night-time or low-light conditions.

  • Trijicon REAP-IR Mini Thermal Riflescope. The REAP-IR is a compact yet powerful thermal optic that enables shooters to engage targets in any lighting conditions. Trusted by the most demanding shooters and hunters who require speed and accuracy for nighttime use, these Trijicon thermals deliver exceptional performance in the field. With a choice of multiple magnification levels and fields of view, users can tailor their optic to suit their specific needs and preferences.
  • Trijicon IR-HUNTER Thermal Riflescope. The IR-HUNTER delivers exceptional image quality. Equipped with user-friendly knobs and a straightforward system menu, this riflescope offers an easy learning curve for shooters of all levels. Designed, machined, and assembled in the U.S., it prioritizes durability and reliability, ensuring consistent performance even in the harshest conditions.
  • Trijicon IR-PATROL Thermal Monocular. The IR-PATROL is the ideal multi-purpose thermal imaging solution, offering exceptional performance in a compact, lightweight, and rugged package. With advanced performance options, it provides the clearest and sharpest image available on the market. Whether for surveillance, scouting, or outdoor exploration, the IR-PATROL delivers reliable thermal imaging capabilities, allowing users to detect targets with precision and confidence.
  • Trijicon OASYS SkeetIR™x Micro Thermal Monocular. The OASYS SkeetIR™x offers unparalleled versatility, allowing users to quickly transition between handheld, helmet-mounted, dedicated rifle, and clip-on rifle applications. As a miniature, multi-purpose thermal optic, it provides reliable thermal imaging capabilities in a compact and lightweight package. Whether for tactical operations, hunting, or outdoor exploration, the OASYS SkeetIR™x delivers exceptional performance, allowing users to detect targets with precision and confidence in any environment.


Trijicon's archery sights bring cutting-edge, battery-free technology to bow hunting, offering quick target acquisition from dawn to dusk with tritium-phosphor lamps and superior fiber optics.

  • Trijicon ACOG® XB Crossbow Sight. The ACOG XB Crossbow Sight utilizes the same platform as the legendary ACOG, renowned for its toughness, accuracy, and reliability. Illuminated in any light by fiber optics and tritium, this sight ensures optimal visibility in all conditions. Featuring bolt drop compensated stadia lines and a built-in ranging reference system, the ACOG XB enables precise aiming at various distances. Users can choose from three different velocities to match their crossbow setup, ensuring unmatched accuracy and consistency in every shot.

Trijicon History

Trijicon, Inc. was founded in 1981 by Glyn Bindon. The company was established in Wixom, Michigan, USA. With a mission to provide high-quality, innovative sighting systems for the firearms industry, Trijicon quickly became a recognized name in the market, known for its rugged and reliable optics engineered for military, law enforcement, and civilian applications. 


  • 1981: Trijicon, Inc. is founded by Glyn Bindon in Wixom, Michigan, USA.
  • 1985: Introduction of the Bright & Tough™ Night Sights, offering tritium illumination for low-light conditions.
  • 1987: Launch of the TA01, the first Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG®), which becomes a staple for military use.
  • 1995: Development of the AccuPoint® line, the first battery-free illuminated riflescopes using tritium and fiber optics.
  • 2007: Release of the RMR® (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) sight, designed for durability and versatility.
  • 2011: Introduction of the VCOG® (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight), providing variable magnification in a rugged package.
  • 2014: Launch of the Trijicon REAP-IR® and IR-HUNTER® thermal imaging riflescopes, enhancing targeting in low-light environments.
  • 2020: Expansion of the Credo® and Credo® HX optics line to meet the needs of both tactical and hunting markets.
  • 2024: Introduction of new riflescopes, mounts, and optic height sights, alongside upgrades to the REAP-IR® and IR-HUNTER® thermal riflescopes.


Throughout its history, Trijicon has forged strategic partnerships that have significantly contributed to its reputation for excellence in the optics industry. One of the most notable partnerships was with the United States military, particularly with the adoption of Trijicon's Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG®) by the U.S. Marine Corps and Special Operations Forces. This collaboration not only validated the ACOG's durability and reliability but also positioned Trijicon as a trusted supplier for military applications.

In addition to military collaborations, Trijicon has formed alliances within the law enforcement sector, providing high-quality optics to various police and tactical units. These partnerships ensure that law enforcement officers have access to cutting-edge sighting technology, enhancing their operational effectiveness and safety.

Trijicon has also teamed up with other companies in the firearms and outdoor industries. Collaborations with firearm manufacturers, such as FN Herstal and Smith & Wesson, have led to co-branded optics solutions that integrate seamlessly with specific firearm models. Furthermore, their partnership with hunting and shooting sports organizations has expanded the reach of Trijicon products to outdoor enthusiasts around the globe.

Such partnerships underscore Trijicon's commitment to innovation, quality, and meeting the diverse needs of its customers, whether they are military personnel, law enforcement officers, or civilians.

Risks of Buying a Fake Trijicon Product

Purchasing a counterfeit Trijicon product comes with numerous risks that can compromise both performance and safety. Fake optics often lack the rigorous testing and high-quality materials used in genuine Trijicon optics, leading to subpar durability and reliability. This can result in incorrect sighting and aiming, potentially affecting the accuracy of your shots and the overall shooting experience. Additionally, counterfeit products do not come with Trijicon's warranty or customer support, leaving you without recourse in case of defects or failures. Most importantly, using a fake optic in critical situations, such as military or law enforcement operations, can pose severe risks to your safety and the safety of others. Therefore, ensuring the authenticity of your purchase is paramount to maintaining the high standards and trust associated with Trijicon products.

How to Make Sure You are Getting Genuine Trijicon Products?

  • Authorized Dealers: Purchase only from authorized Trijicon dealers such as AtomicDefense.
  • Construction Quality: Look for high-quality construction materials. Trijicon optics are built to military standards and should feel robust and durable.
  • Documentation: Ensure that the product comes with the correct documentation, including user manuals, warranty cards, and authenticity certificates.
  • Price: Be wary of prices that are significantly lower than the standard market price. Authentic Trijicon optics are premium products and are priced accordingly.
  • Packaging: Genuine Trijicon products come in high-quality packaging with proper branding, including the Trijicon logo, model number, and other specifics. Real Trijicon products will never have misspellings, neither on the optics or the packaging. Some common misspellings are Trigicon, Trijicom, Tijicon, Trujicon, Trijico, Trijacon, Trijocon, Trigacon, Teijicon, Triijicon, Trijion, Trijon, Trijican, Trijjicon, Trajicon, and Tridgico.
  • Trademarks and Logos: Verify that trademarks and logos are correctly placed and displayed. Fake products often have inconsistencies in logos and trademarks and misspelled branding.

Explore Only Authentic Trijicon Products on AtomicDefense

We invite you to explore the extensive range of Trijicon products available at the AtomicDefense store. You can find anything, from a Trijicon LPVO to the longest-range riflescope. By choosing to shop at AtomicDefense, you ensure that you receive genuine, high-quality optics that meet the rigorous standards of excellence Trijicon is known for. Visit our store to find the perfect Trijicon optics tailored to your requirements and experience unmatched precision and reliability.

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    Original price $1,451.00 - Original price $1,451.00
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