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Exchange and Return Policy

    • We are a Small Business:  We do the most we can to help with return costs, but we are not Amazon and cannot take hits or losses like Amazon. 
    • Lifetime Warranty:  Atomic Defense will always stand behind our products.  Our lifetime warranty covers any defects and ensures that you never need to worry about parts or the quality of your orders for the expected life of the product. 
    • Wrong Items:  Atomic Defense takes pictures of orders before they are packaged and shipped.  We pay for return, recertification and exchange shipping costs if we ever make a mistake on your orders. 
    • Rules for Returns:  We may refuse returns or deduct refurbishing costs, plus materials and labor, of used products or modified products.  This includes, but is not limited to; products with residue, smells, scratches, missing parts, missing packaging, debris, dents and damage. **We reserve the right to refuse returns. Return shipping of rejected returns is not paid for by Atomic Defense. 
    • Packaging: Ensure returns are packaged safely with thick padding on all six sides.  Failure to correctly package returns may damage products and will be deducted from Buyer's account.


    Start a Return or Exchange

    Email with your order number and reason for return, and we'll help you out as quickly as possible. If there's any damages or visual issues we need to be made aware of, please attach a photo of the issue at hand.


    General Products: 

    • Must be within 30 days of package delivery.
    • Bulk and custom products cannot be returned or refunded.

      Ballistic and Bulletproof Products:

      • Most companies will not accept any returns on ballistic or bulletproof items. We offer recertification as a courtesy, but that process is extremely expensive for us.
      • Must be within 30 days of package delivery.
      • A re-certification cost of 20% applies to returns of ballistic and bulletproof products. 
        • The 20% recertification covers the cost of ensuring the armor is safe. Usually starting with X-Raying the armor for cracks underneath the coating, inspection for damage, and water damage testing. Without this 20%, we would not be able to offer returns on armor.
        • There is no way for us to know how or if it was used once it leaves our warehouse, and we have to consider them unsafe until retested, inspected and certified.
        • Exchanges and non-ballistic products do not have a re-certification cost.