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Body Armor for Law Enforcement

Bulletproof vests for police officers are an essential precaution, as well as plates, carriers, and other equipment depending on your field and responsibilities. Read on for some of the best body armor for law enforcement and how to choose the right armor and armor levels for your department.  How to Choose Body Armor for Your Department or Individual Officer If you’re at all familiar with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) body armor standards, you likely know they’re categorized by five different threat levels: Level IIA: Level IIA body armor has been NIJ-tested and rated to withstand .40 S&W and 9mm ammunition from slower-moving bullets out of handguns. It doesn’t offer protection from rifle ammo — probably not the best choice for SWAT teams, FBI agents, or anyone doing raids. Level...

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Niveles de la armadura del cuerpo | Calificaciones en comparación

Niveles de la armadura del cuerpo | Calificaciones en comparación Diferentes armas plantean diferentes niveles de amenazas. Como tal, los diferentes productos de armadura corporales ofrecen diferentes niveles de protección. Los productos de la armadura corporal se clasifican en diferentes niveles de acuerdo con el nivel de protección de la punzada balística o de cuchillos que ofrecen. La Instituto Nacional de Justicia de los Estados Unidos. (NIJ) ha surgido estándares para medir los niveles de protección. NIJ también trabaja muy de cerca con el Centro del Reino Unido para la Ciencia y la Tecnología Aplicadas. (Reparto) para desarrollar estándares de armadura corporal aceptados globalmente. Las dos autoridades trabajan de la mano mientras prueban la armadura del cuerpo. Como tal, la...

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Common Items That Are and Are Not Bulletproof

Pop quiz time! What can stop a bullet? Drywall A door An engine block A couch Car door   Correct answer: an engine block! A car’s engine block has been accepted as a good place to cover yourself from bullets. It’s important to know what common objects bullets can and can’t go through in case you need to take cover.  Keep reading to discover what can stop a bullet. Can Bullets Go Through Walls?  Yes, bullets can easily go through walls! Most houses, especially newer ones, are made out of cheaper materials like vinyl siding and drywall. Typically, drywall is used in conjunction with 2x4 wooden boards, paint, and insulation. In most walls, wood 2x4 studs are placed vertically and...

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Why You Should Work Out in Body Armor

Ever seen someone at the gym, running with a plate carrier? Was your initial reaction to think, “That’s weird, why are they training with a plate carrier?” Before you judge them as being over-the-top, they are actually on to something.  Plate carrier workouts have many health benefits. Keep reading to discover advantages of doing a plate carrier workout as your next sweat session. Benefits of Plate Carrier Workouts 1. Pump Up Your Workout Intensity Training with plate carriers increases the intensity of your workout by adding fixed weight to your body. When you build up strength by doing a plate carrier workout, your body will become more accustomed to wearing the gear. To increase intensity, try doing push ups, pull...

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Chaleco antibalas limpio

Cómo limpiar chalecos antibalas y chalecos antibalas Los chalecos antibalas, como cualquier otra ropa que uses, se ensuciarán.Si Llevas un chaleco antibalas debajo o fuera de tu ropa normal, algún día te ensuciarás.Usted necesita ser capaz de mantener su armadura adecuadamente si desea que dure mucho tiempo.No quieres comprar chalecos antibalas cada pocos meses.Una buena parte Chaleco antibalas El mantenimiento es asegurar que se mantenga limpio. Cada chaleco antibalas tiene una limpieza especial.El chaleco antibalas es especialmente delicado para la limpieza.Si lavas el chaleco antibalas mal, su efecto se ve fácilmente afectado.En la siguiente sección, exploraremos Chaleco antibalas La pieza de trabajo debe limpiarse, as í como los principios detrás de un procedimiento de limpieza específico. Material utilizado en la...

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