Bulletproof Vests vs Stab Proof Vests

Bulletproof Vests vs Stab Proof Vests

When dealing with body armor, it is important to know the difference between bulletproof and stab proof, as they both use different materials, have different characteristics and are suitable for different situations. Therefore, it is pivotal that you select your body armor based on the specific needs of the job. Of course, if you are more likely to come under gunfire, then a bulletproof vest would be more appropriate. Likewise, if there is a chance of close combat or a knife attack, stab proof vests will offer better protection.

Bulletproof Body Armor -

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Bulletproof body armor has different ratings that determine which caliber bullets the body armor protects against. Vests only go up to level 3A, which will stop common hand gun calibers, we have another article about NIJ and its ratings. Bulletproof vests are considered “soft” body armor, designed with protective fibers that trap and flatten a bullet when it comes into contact with the material. The most common materials used are Kevlar, Spectra Shield, Dyneema and Aramid. UHMWPE, often referred to as PE, is also now a popular material choice, described as the new Kevlar although more effective and versatile than the original. However, that does not mean that bulletproof vests can offer effective protection against blades too. While a knife would impact in the same way against a bulletproof vest, it would also cut the protective fibers. Once these fibers are cut, the vest becomes useless. Therefore, as the name suggests, bulletproof vests are designed to stop bullets and bullets only.

Stab Proof Body Armor -

Stab proof vests are designed to protect against bladed weapons, such as a knife. Like a bulletproof vest, this body armor uses either Aramid fibers or Dyneema, however, they come with one key addition. Stab proof vests also include either laminate or chainmail to act as an extra layer of protection against blades. Chainmail offers the best protection against edged weapons but is far heavier than laminate. Laminate is used mainly to protect against spiked weapons like an ice pick or a syringe. This extra layer is designed to protect the vital organs. Most knife attacks are aimed towards the abdominal area, so stab proof vests are specifically designed to stop a knife from passing through the material and into the body. It must be outlined that stab proof vests may offer little to no protection against bullets.

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Selecting Your Body Armor –

When selecting your body armor, you must first analyze your environment. If the area you are entering has a high rate of gun crime, then a bulletproof vest may prove to be the most effective form of protection. However, if you deem gunfire unlikely, then a stab proof vest may be the best bet. For example, inside a prison, guards will opt for stab proof vests because it is extremely unlikely that an inmate will have a gun but they could have a knife or improvised shiv.

Sizing –

Both bulletproof and stab proof vests are also designed to be lightweight and easy to wear, prioritizing functionality and effectiveness. This means that the vests allow you to conduct your business without compromising safety. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors depending on the person, gender and job.

We recommend that you find a shirt that fits you snugly and match the size up to our vests. The soft body armor vests are designed to coincide with standard shirt sizes. Our sizes come in small/medium and large/extra-large/XXL. More information on sizing can be found on the product pages.

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