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Common Items That Are and Are Not Bulletproof - Atomic Defense

Common Items That Are and Are Not Bulletproof

Pop quiz time! What can stop a bullet?

  1. Drywall
  2. A door
  3. An engine block
  4. A couch
  5. Car door

 What Will Stop a Bullet?

Correct answer: an engine block! A car’s engine block has been accepted as a good place to cover yourself from bullets. It’s important to know what common objects bullets can and can’t go through in case you need to take cover. 

Keep reading to discover what can stop a bullet.

Can Bullets Go Through Walls? 

Yes, bullets can easily go through walls! Most houses, especially newer ones, are made out of cheaper materials like vinyl siding and drywall. Typically, drywall is used in conjunction with 2x4 wooden boards, paint, and insulation. In most walls, wood 2x4 studs are placed vertically and usually spaced every 16 inches. The odds that a bullet would hit the 2x4s instead of just passing through the sheetrock and insulation are lower. To protect you from gunfire, you would need a very thick stack of these materials. Even a .22 can penetrate multiple layers of drywall.

Can Bullets Go Through Brick?

Bricks are better at stopping bullets. Rounds Down Range did a test to see if bullets can go through brick. Several brick walls stopped all handgun rounds plus 5.56 NATO rounds, .308, and even a shotgun slug. However, each round still took out chunks of the brick walls, so bricks can only sustain so much heavy gunfire. Brick is one of the more effective materials at stopping bullets!

 Can Bullets Go Through Brick?

Would a Car Door Stop a Bullet?

Short answer: it depends on the car, and results are mixed. One Youtuber shot at a sedan, and 9mm rounds passed through the car doors. It’s best not to rely on a car door to stop a bullet.

 Would a Car Door Stop a Bullet?

Do Windshields Stop Bullets?

Windshields can absorb energy from small arms fire. This isn’t completely reliable though because it depends on the angle of the car’s windshield. 

For example, 38 Special was known in the 70s and 80s to bounce off angled windshields when police were shooting at them. If you have to, a good place to hide is behind a car’s engine block. Again, this isn’t a forsure safebet because there are thinner parts of the engine block that are more vulnerable. 

 Would a Windshield Stop a Bullet?

Can Bullets Go Through Doors?

Most household doors inside a home won’t stop bullets because they’re hollow and made out of wood, fiberglass, or steel. Even heavier, exterior doors made out of metal or solid wood won’t protect you from gunfire.  For example, a 9mm can go through several heavy commercial doors, even multiple doors at once.

 Can Bullets Go Through Doors?

Best Products That Can Stop Bullets

Protect yourself from bullets as much as possible. Atomic Defense has a variety of bulletproof blankets, shields, backpacks, clothing, and vests available. 

Check out this list of products that can stop a bullet:

1. Bulletproof Blankets

Bulletproof BlanketBallistic blankets are great for shielding vehicles, VIP protection, or covering walls, windows, doors, and more. Atomic Defense has bulletproof blankets that easily fold for storage in cars and closets.

  • Capable of stopping: .44 Magnum, 9mm, 12-gauge shotgun slugs, .40 cal, 45 ACP/Auto, .357 SIG, and other similar rounds

2. Bulletproof Backpacks

Protect you and your loved ones with an Atomic Defense bulletproof backpack.

  • Features: padded straps and various zipper pockets for storage and convenience.
  • How do they work? Armor plates absorb or disperse energy from the bullets described within the qualifying NIJ category.
  • Plus, these backpacks are inconspicuous and come in fashionable designs! Try the Bulletproof Puma Challenger backpack or a Bulletproof backpack for kids with unicorns on it.


  • Bulletproof Backpacks

3. Bulletproof Suits & Tuxedos

Look sharp while inconspicuously protecting yourself!

  • Atomic Defense has ballistic and bulletproof suits and tuxedos for all members of your family, for all occasions. 
  • Work with a dedicated Atomic Defense representative to add bulletproof armor to your own suit.

4. Bulletproof Vests

Invest in your safety with a bulletproof vest. They come in multiple levels of protection, mobility, and affordability.

  • Usually worn by law enforcement and military.
  • Our Level IIIA Bulletproof vest is a covert body armor option, without compromising protection. It’s expandable to level 3 (III) plates and level 4 (IV) armor plates in 10x12 or 11x14 inch sizes.
  • For a more inconspicuous bulletproof vest, try our Concealable Soft Body Armor Vest. It’s rated at NIJ level IIIA and can stop 9 mm, .44 Magnum and .357 SIG rounds.

Now that you know what can stop a bullet, you can better protect yourself. Start shopping for bulletproof deals on our website! Use code SRA22 for a 5% discount.

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