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Why You Should Work Out in Body Armor - Atomic Defense

Why You Should Work Out in Body Armor

Ever seen someone at the gym, running with a plate carrier? Was your initial reaction to think, “That’s weird, why are they training with a plate carrier?” Before you judge them as being over-the-top, they are actually on to something. 

Plate carrier workouts have many health benefits. Keep reading to discover advantages of doing a plate carrier workout as your next sweat session.

Working Out With Plate Carrier

Benefits of Plate Carrier Workouts

1. Pump Up Your Workout Intensity

Training with plate carriers increases the intensity of your workout by adding fixed weight to your body. When you build up strength by doing a plate carrier workout, your body will become more accustomed to wearing the gear. To increase intensity, try doing push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges, and burpees with a plate carrier.

2. Plate Carrier Workouts Improve Endurance

Carrying heavy gear all day without feeling extreme exhaustion is crucial. Building up your cardiovascular and aerobic stamina will help you work for longer stretches without feeling as fatigued. Running with a plate carrier can make you a stronger runner, decreasing your chance of injury. So what’re you waiting for? Go for a run with a plate carrier and do some planks and lunges to build up your endurance for the field.

 Running in Body Armor

3. Increase Strength with Plate Carrier Workouts

The stronger you are, the more resistance you can overcome. Building your strength can help you move heavy objects and physically overpower a threat. Training with a plate carrier while doing explosive exercises, such as pushups and pullups, will help you build muscle.

 Strength Training in Body Armor

4. Boost Agility

How quickly and decisively can you react? Agility is key when seconds count! Plate carrier workouts that involve squat jumps and single leg hops can help you maintain good reflexes and balance. You can loosen the straps so the vest and plates shift around. This will cause your balance and smaller muscles to work harder. 

5. Plate Carrier Workouts Help Increase Your Speed

When you’re wearing heavy body armor, being quick on your feet is difficult. If you run with a plate carrier, your body will become stronger and faster over time. This is pertinent for situations when time is of the essence – whether you’re chasing someone down or responding to an emergency. To increase your speed, do sprints and high knee runs with a plate carrier.

How to Choose a Plate Carrier for Your Workout

Plate carrier workouts are effective because you can add and remove different plate weights as needed. 

Armor plates are made out of ceramic, steel or polyethylene. Each material has unique advantages and provides different levels of protection. It’s important to explore your options to discover what’s right for you.

  • Ceramic: Works well against armor-piercing rounds and may be more efficient than steel plates. More lightweight than steel. While steel typically is 10.2 pounds per square foot, ceramic is only approximately 5-6 pounds.
  • Steel: The cheapest option for just doing a plate carrier workout. The downside is that it’s heavier and more likely to explode bullets into shrapnel.
    • A single 10” x 12” steel body armor plate weighs roughly 8-10 pounds per plate.
  • Polyethylene: These plates weigh less, float, and make it easier to move quickly.

Top Recommendation for Plate Carrier Workouts

If you’re looking for a breathable, fast-adjustable plate carrier, try the Phantom Plate Carrier. This plate carrier uses Maxx-Dri Technology which offers 100% breathability, and it easily adjusts to your body within seconds. Plates come with it or can also be purchased separately.

Say No to BO while Training with a Plate Carrier

Want to keep your body armor fresh after your plate carrier workout?

When your body armor starts to smell after several plate carrier workouts, follow these tips to properly wash, dry, and maintain it.

Keeping Your Body Armor Clean Between Workouts

Try Maxx-Dri Products

Be sure to also check out our different Maxx-Dri products, such as the Maxx-Dri Vest, boxer briefs, and T-Shirts that help prevent the growth of odor and infection caused by bacteria. 

Top Pick for Running with a Plate Carrier

Stay cooler, drier, and less fatigued while running with a plate carrier. Try the Phantom Plate Carrier! This plate carrier uses Maxx-Dri Technology and offers 100% breathability. By using a patented system of side-release buckles and heavy-duty straps, it adjusts to your exact body structure within seconds. There are no annoying velcro or straps to undo or adjust! This is the ideal plate carrier vest to wear while jogging!

Hit the Gym for Your Next Plate Carrier Workout

Ready to do a plate carrier workout? Browse our selection of Maxx Dri products, plate carriers, and bulletproof vests to increase your strength, stamina, and speed. Use code SRA22 to get 5% off your next purchase.

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