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STOP! Level 3 and 4 Bulletproof Helmets are SCAMS

STOP! Level 3 and 4 Bulletproof Helmets are SCAMS

Shopping for a ballistic helmet? Read this first!

What we will cover:

  1. Level III helmets - legit or not?
  2. Are Level 3 and 4 helmets safe?
  3. Is it worth getting helmet accessories for a Level 3 helmet?
  4. What to look for when shopping for a bulletproof helmet

You only have one brain; protect it! Don't leave your head exposed to potential ballistic threats - invest in a high-quality bulletproof helmet for reliable protection! Helmets are designed to provide superior defense against a number of projectiles, including handgun bullets and shotgun pellets.

Did You Know? Gunfire = A Leading Cause of Brain Injuries

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to gunfire is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition.
  • Gunshot wounds are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury in the United States, accounting for more than half of all TBIs.
  • Nearly 45% of people who suffer a gunshot wound to the head will die from it.
  • People who survive after suffering a TBI due to gunfire may experience long-term complications such as impaired cognition, reduced motor control, and emotional difficulties.
  • The severity of a person’s TBI depends on factors such as the location and size of the bullet entry wound.

    First Off, Why Do You Need a Bulletproof Helmet?

    Bulletproof helmets are very important for members of the military, law enforcement officers, and private security personnel. They protect from a variety of dangers, including shrapnel and small arms fire. In addition to providing protection from physical projectiles, they can also help provide protection against non-lethal weapons such as tear gas and pepper spray.

    Many modern bulletproof helmets come with special features such as night vision systems, infrared cameras, noise-canceling headphones, communication devices, and even built-in drinking systems. These additional features can help improve situational awareness while increasing an individual's effectiveness during operations in hostile areas. 

    Are There Any Level 3 Helmets Made?

    Yes, but bulletproof helmets level 3 aren't safe. They are made out of stacked layers of polyethylene (PEAD™). Kevlar is better because it prevents backface deformation. The PEAD layers might absorb the bullet, but the force could still make the helmet cave into your head, which would cause serious injury or death.

    Level 3 bulletproof helmets are not as safe as they may appear. While these helmets can protect against certain rifle projectiles, they cannot provide complete protection from all types of bullets. Level 3 bulletproof helmets are rated to stop rifle rounds up to a certain caliber and velocity. However, they cannot stop high-powered rifle cartridges and armor-piercing bullets, which can penetrate the tougher construction of these helmets.

    The shockwave created when a round is fired off at close range may cause any type of helmet to fail, regardless of its strength. Therefore, it is important to understand that level 3 bulletproof helmets should not be seen as complete protection against all types of bullets and firearms. They can still provide some degree of protection but may not protect the wearer in all scenarios.

    If you have a question about another company's Level 3 helmets or add-ons, contact us! We can help you determine if it is safe or not. Most likely, the manufacturer has just put layers of fabric together which will deform to fit your head when impacted. Remember that the best ballistic helmets will be heavier and thicker to provide more protection.

    Are Helmet Attachments Worth It?

    If you want to purchase a level 3 ballistic helmet, it may be worth considering buying helmet accessories and attachments to make it safer. One example is a 3A Plaque that attaches to the top of the helmet. A 3A Plaque and ICW National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 3+ ballistic plaque may help improve your chances of survival.

    After attaching the plaques, users can quickly upgrade their head protection without sacrificing any tactical capabilities or carrying around additional weight.

    Do Level IV Ballistic Helmets Exist?

    Some companies say their helmets are level IV, but they are not. Bulletproof helmets level 4 don’t exist according to the National Institute of Justice levels. The highest level of protection that a ballistic helmet can provide is Level 3. Anything else is a scam, and you should seek out verified suppliers with reliable products that will actually stop bullets.

    If you tried to make a Level 4 helmet, it would look like this:

    7 Reasons Why Level 4 Bulletproof Helmets are Scams:

    1. Level IV combat helmets are significantly more expensive than lower-level helmets without a noticeable increase in protection.
    2. Ballistic helmets labeled as “Level IV” often do not meet the stringent safety requirements of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).
    3. The NIJ has declared that there is no such thing as a ballistic helmet level IV and any such claims should be viewed with suspicion.
    4. Many companies falsely advertise their products as being certified or tested to this standard when they have not been evaluated by an accredited testing laboratory.
    5. Most ballistic helmets level 4 have only undergone minimal ballistics tests and can easily fail during rigorous real-world conditions.
    6. There is no independent third-party certification for these types of helmets, meaning it can be difficult to verify product quality or performance.
    7. It's important to research any company claiming to provide a level 4 ballistic helmet and ensure they are registered with the NIJ or equivalent accreditation.

    What Bulletproof Helmet Level Should You Buy?

    The level of protection provided by a bulletproof helmet depends on the type of threat you are trying to protect against. Generally speaking, it is recommended that military and law enforcement personnel use tactical helmets rated for Level 3-A. This rating means that the helmet is capable of protecting against handgun rounds and shrapnel from explosions. Private security personnel may choose to use Level 3A helmets, which provide additional protection against higher velocity rounds.

    No matter what level of bulletproof helmet you choose, it is always important to ensure proper fit and training for the best results. We recommend Level 3A tactical helmets because they offer the best ballistic protection. For example, our MICH/ACH ballistic helmet is the only bulletproof helmet that can stop .50 CAL and 7.62 MM.


    Bonus! 6 Quick Tips for Bulletproof Helmet Shopping:

    1. Look for a helmet that has been certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). This certification is a sign that the helmet will meet or exceed established standards for protection against ballistic threats.
    2. Find out what warranties are offered. Atomic Defense's body armor is covered by a lifetime warranty.
    3. Read the fine print to ensure you understand what is covered.
    4. Pay attention to the weight of the helmet. A heavier helmet may offer more protection, but it can also be uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time. Be sure to try on any helmet before buying it to make sure it fits properly and doesn't cause too much strain on your neck or shoulders.
    5. Find a helmet with adjustable straps and padding that fits snugly. This will help keep the helmet from shifting and provide better protection from ballistic threats.
    6. Consider the environment you will be using the helmet in before purchasing one. Some helmets are designed for use in certain climates or environments, such as hot or humid regions.
    7. Check the helmet materials. Look for Kevlar which is designed to be as light and comfortable as possible while still providing reliable protection.



    Shop for Bulletproof Helmets With Confidence, Shop Atomic Defense!

    Atomic Defense provides a wide variety of bulletproof helmets that can meet your needs. We have the best-rated Level 3A bulletproof helmets. One of our best helmets includes the MICH/ACH ballistic helmet.

    If you're interested in other helmets, view this list of the top five! Our helmets are made from high-grade materials and feature advanced design features for maximum protection. With years of experience in the industry, we understand what it takes to ensure that you keep safe in dangerous situations.

    Our helmets come in different sizes and shapes to fit most people, and they are tested to meet the highest safety standards. You can also customize your helmet with different colors and finishes so that it looks exactly how you want it.

    With Atomic Defense bulletproof helmets, you can feel secure knowing that you have the best protection available on the market. Plus, our helmets are easy to use and maintain, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much time taking care of them. When it comes to safety, there is no substitute for a quality bulletproof helmet from Atomic Defense.

    Now that you know what bulletproof helmets to look for, you can shop with confidence. Atomic Defense is a leading provider of bulletproof helmets and other tactical gear, so check out our selection today! Use code SRA22 at checkout to get a 5% discount on your purchase.

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