Atomic Defense

Who is Atomic Defense?

Atomic Defense is a tactical supply shop that provides customers with the highest quality military and law enforcement equipment. They specialize in several categories of ballistic products, such as body armor, ballistic helmets, night vision devices, weapon accessories, magazine pouches, protective eyewear, and many more. The company also offers custom product orders and personal consultations with tactical gear and defense technology experts. Having nearly ten years of experience in this field, Atomic Defense has become a premier source for all things tactical and defensive-related within law enforcement and military circles. Their commitment to providing their customers with only the best-in-class products has made them one of the most trusted names in the industry today. All products are thoroughly tested before entering their inventory to ensure maximum protection for those who wear or use them. With a team of knowledgeable staff members available to answer questions or provide guidance on orders or purchases, Atomic Defense ensures that its customers get what they need when they need it most.

Who needs ballistic gear?

Ballistic gear, such as bulletproof vests and other body armor, is not just for military personnel. The use of ballistic gear has grown significantly in the past few decades due to the increased threat of violence for everyday citizens. Law enforcement officers, security guards and private citizens alike are all potential targets of violent attacks and require the same level of protection as those serving in the armed forces.

Modern advancements in body armor technology have made it more accessible than ever. Ballistic vests can now be lightweight and comfortable while providing high protection against handgun fire. The materials are also increasingly flexible, making them easier to wear over long periods without discomfort. For this reason, civilians can also wear ballistic vests on patrol or when working in dangerous areas such as border control or war zones.

In addition to greater comfort and flexibility, Atomic Defense offers specialized designs of plate carriers and levels of NIJ standard compliance for different tasks. For instance, some vests are designed for law enforcement officers to provide superior protection against rifle rounds and other more intense fires. This level of customization offers even more options for civilians looking to increase their own safety without sacrificing mobility or comfort.

Along with military, law enforcement and civilian protection, body armor is growing to increasingly more and more popular in schools. A bulletproof backpack can be a valuable asset to keep your child safe in a dangerous situation. Ballistic backpacks are typically made with lightweight and flexible ballistic panels designed to absorb the impact of projectiles and shrapnel while keeping the wearer safe. Not only do these backpacks provide increased protection, but they also offer discreet protection as the backpack looks just like any other regular school bag. Bulletproof material used in backpacks usually comprises aramid fibers or Polyethylene plastic sheets that provide excellent blunt force resistance and superior durability.

What's the difference between soft and hard body armor plates?

The main difference between soft and hard body armor is their protection level. Soft body armor is typically made with flexible materials such as aramid fibers or Polyethylene plastic sheets and is designed to absorb the impact of projectiles or shrapnel. On the other hand, hard body armor utilizes plates usually made from Ceramic or Steel to protect against higher calibers of ammunition such as rifle rounds. Atomic Defense sells backpacks with either soft or hard ballistic plates. Soft body armor can be worn discreetly under clothes and offers a wide range of coverage across vital organs like the chest and back. In contrast, hard armor plates are generally thicker and heavier but provide greater protection in areas where it matters most. This tactical gear should always be tailored to fit its specific purpose to maximize its effectiveness.