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Instant 5% OFF at checkout | ANY 2+ items

Bulletproof Backpacks & Bookbags

Bulletproof Backpacks that Stop AR-15 and AK-47 Bullets Easily

  • All our backpacks offer the option to stop the most common AR-15 and AK-47 bullets.
  • All of our bulletproof backpacks will stop knives and stabbings.
  • Safe to use as travel backpacks since we use only high-quality materials that are TSA-safe and will not trigger metal detectors.
  • The lightest weight bulletproof backpack options on the market can also be removed, washed, and easily taken care of.
  • Are bulletproof backpacks certified for protection? Yes, the armor we offer is certified by a lab to meet NIJ standards.

Shootings can happen while you're walking through the city, working at the office, at school, shopping at the mall, or anywhere else. A bulletproof backpack from Atomic Defense can protect you or loved ones at any time with quick deployment and use of our backpacks. Each armor bookbag features a unique design to improve your daily life while offering the support you need in worst-case scenarios. 

Our bulletproof backpacks and insert panels offer a wide range of protection against weapons like pistols, knives, and armor-piercing (AP) rifle ammunition from AR-15s and AK-47s. We have bulletproof bookbags for sale at Levels IIIA (3A), III+ (3+), and IV (4) from the National Insitute of Justice's standard (NIJ) standard 0101.06 and .07 for body armor. All are certified in laboratories to meet and then exceed any other modern armored backpack standard.  

The Best Bulletproof Backpack For You?

Bulletproof bags are as strong as their armor plates' level. We test our bulletproof backpacks to meet and surpass NIJ standards. Click the above backpacks to see the different options for bulletproofing.

  • NIJ Level IIIA (3A) armored backpacks with a Level IIIA backpack insert will stop handgun bullets like 9mm, 44 Magnum, and .357 FMJ bullets. We recommend level 3A backpacks if you're working or going to school in an area where theft and crime are common. (This option is what 99% of the industry sells as "Bulletproof Backpacks for School" - which is disgraceful)
  • NIJ Level III (3) and our III+ (3+) lightweight armored backpacks stop multiple 7.62 and 5.56 NATO rounds from AK-47 or AR-15 assault rifles. We will often recommend this level for those who want to stop assault rifles like those used in school shootings. To date, our level 3 and level 3+ bulletproof backpacks would have stopped the bullets used in school shootings.
  • NIJ Level IV (4) armored backpacks stop armor-piercing rifles and are the highest level of protection. Bulletproof shield backpacks like these are recommended when ultimate protection is the top priority.

How Much Do Armored Backpacks Weigh?

We carry bulletproof bookbags for any setting that can keep your personal belongings and you safe. Choose a body armor backpack with a classic modern style, or select a model that looks like any other backpack you'd wear. Easily carry your school books, hold camping supplies, or store gym clothes. 

  • Backpack Level 4 (IV): 7 to 9 pounds, about the weight of a laptop or a gallon of milk.
  • Backpack Level 3+ (III+): Approximately 5-6 pounds, about the weight of a jacket or a small laptop.  
  • Backpack Level 3+ (III+ Lightweight): Approximately 4-5 pounds, about the weight of a jacket or a small laptop.  
  • Backpack Level 3A (IIIA): Approximately 1-2 pounds, about the weight of a plastic water bottle or a 70-page notebook.

Bulletproof backpacks comparison chart new guide to compare list | Atomic Defense

What are Bulletproof Backpacks?

A bulletproof backpack is an inconspicuous form of ballistic protection that you can wear every day. These bags feature water resistance, quick deployment, padding, adjustable shoulder straps, and various zipper pockets for storage and convenience.

The difference between regular backpacks and bulletproof ones is that "ballistic", aka bulletproof backpacks, also include armor plates. They absorb or disperse energy from the bullets described within the qualifying NIJ level (See our chart below).

A backpack with armor plates can serve as either mobile or stationary armor. Deeply sewn straps hold the bag in place while fleeing from an active shooter and preventing the wearer from being shot in the back.

Looking to fight back and survive? The bookbags come in lightweight and heavy options, allowing the wearer to hold them as a shield or raise it to protect the back of their head. When using an innocent armor backpack, you can also crouch or lie behind the bulletproof backpack.

Where to Buy Bulletproof Backpacks?

Here with Atomic Defense! You might be wondering if we sell to civilians or if this is legal to own. Yes, bulletproof backpacks are legal to own. We sell to civilians, schools, the military, law enforcement, and others who want peace of mind that they'll be ready when a shooting or stabbing happens.

Where Can I Wear Bulletproof a Backpack?

Bulletproof backpacks are legal to wear anywhere, including airports, so wear one anywhere you feel gun violence or mass shootings are a concern. We carry lightweight bulletproof bags with comfortable straps that offer inconspicuous shooting protection in any situation. These bags are light enough for kids to wear to school and feature unique designs that blend in with their classmates.

Can I Strengthen My Current Backpack?

You can strengthen your regular backpack into a bulletproof one by using our Backpack Armor Inserts. Our armor plates range from NIJ Level IIIA through IV and can slide into any of our spacious backpacks or your own for enhanced bullet resistance. We've developed a graphic to help you identify which level of backpack plates you should consider based on their ability to stop common weapons and calibers:

Ballistic Resistance of Bulletproof Plates by Caliber and Weapon Type

Contact Atomic Defense

Browse our selection for various bulletproof backpack styles and protection levels. Contact Atomic Defense to discuss our testing processes or inquire about wholesale options.

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