Princeton Tec Remix LED Headlamps

Why Choose a Princeton Tec Remix LED Headlamp?

The Princeton Tec Remix headlamp series are exceptional products that offer exceptional performance and quality. These headlamps pack many useful features that make them the ideal choice for adventurers and explorers.

First and foremost, the Princeton Tec Remix Series offers a powerful and efficient light source. The headlamp packs a bright 300 Lumens, which is enough to illuminate the darkest of paths. The light is also adjustable, giving users the flexibility to adjust the brightness according to their needs.

The Princeton Tec Remix headlamp is also very durable and reliable. It is made of high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and impacts. It is also compact water resistant, making it ideal for use during rain, snow, or water activities. 

Additionally, the Princeton Tec Remix headlamps are very comfortable to wear. The headlamp has an adjustable strap that users can adjust to fit their head size. The strap is also designed to distribute the weight of the headlamp evenly, reducing discomfort during prolonged use.

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What are lumens, and how many do I need?

Lumens are a measurement of light. While lumen count is a significant factor in determining brightness, it's not the only thing to consider. A light's reflector quality and the length of time the light can maintain its lumen count before the battery drains are also essential.

So, how many lumens do you need for your headlamp? Well, it depends on what you'll be using it for. If you're going on a fast-paced adventure or taking photos, a light with 200 lumens or higher is preferable. On the other hand, if you're inquiring about a low-paced activity like sitting around a campfire, 200 lumens may be too bright and distracting. At night, this higher luminosity can disturb wildlife, disorient others at your party, and disrupt your eye's adjustment to the darkness of night. 

The practice of maintaining just enough lumens is known as light discipline. It's always essential to use as little light as possible, resulting in a clear and peaceful night environment. This approach also helps you to prevent giving yourself and others eye strain. Hence, having a flashlight or headlamp with a red LED could be incredibly beneficial. (See also: Why would I need a red LED?)

Why would I need a red LED? What about the other color LEDs in some of the Princeton Tec Remixes?

A red LED emits a different light wavelength than a white LED and generally is fewer Lumens, making it a little easier on your eyes. The red light is helpful for a few reasons:

  • You won’t blind friends, relatives, and strangers when you look directly at them, headlamp blazing.
  • You can see the stars more clearly.
  • Using a red light can help you focus on tasks up close while still allowing your eyes to adjust quickly to the dark. This makes it useful for situations such as cooking at a campfire at night, where you may need to see if there is a threat or just a friend approaching. Additionally, military and law enforcement often use red lights to preserve their night vision and reduce their visibility in various scenarios.
  • It’s less disruptive to wildlife.
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How do I know which model is best for me?

When choosing which Remix Headlamp is best for you, the decision can be answered based on two questions that define the use you want out of the headlamp.

  • What activities do you need the light for?
    • Will you be using it for fast-moving and/or varied terrain activities (trail running, mountain biking, backcountry hunting, etc.)? You will want a higher-lumen option. Something that will confidently guide your journeys. This can be accomplished especially well with the standard Remix, the Princeton Tec Remix White, as well as the Princeton Tec Remix RGB seeing as they have a maximum Lumen count of 450. 
    • Will you be using it for not-as-fast-moving activities in less varied terrain (road running, hanging around camp, leisurely hiking, fishing, etc.)? You will want an option with low flood or red LEDs. This will allow you to stay light-disciplined and safely observe your surroundings. This can be accomplished by the Princeton Tec Remix Pro LED Headlamp or the Princeton Tec Remix 300.
  • What are your fuel needs
    • Alkaline Batteries: These batteries often offer more battery life. They are also very common so if you have any other products that run off of AA or AAA batteries then this option might be best for you because of convenience. So if convenience and battery life is your priority, then the Princeton Tec Remix Industrial or the Remix White are optimal for you. 
    • Lithium Batteries: If you are in extremely hot or cold conditions then lithium batteries are the way to go. They are tested in harsh conditions and are extremely durable. The Remix headlamps that use Lithium Batteries are the Princeton Tec Remix Pro headlamp and the Princeton Tec Remix Pro MPLS.

Where can I Buy a Princeton Tec Remix?

You can find products by Princeton Tec for sale at Atomic Defense. If you like products from Princeton Tec, purchase headlamps in the Remix Series right here on our website. We're the perfect place for those looking to buy Princeton Tec Headlamps and other gear. A wide selection of products including the Princeton Tec Remix LED Headlamps Atomic Defense provides customers with a one-stop shop for their safety and tactical needs.

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