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Team Wendy Epic Specialist

Team Wendy Epic Specialist

Unparalleled Protection, Unrivaled Performance

Welcome to the forefront of tactical head protection – the Team Wendy Epic Specialist. Crafted with precision and engineered for excellence, this collection redefines what's possible in ballistic helmets.

Key Features:

1. Optimal Fit with CAM FIT™ Retention System:
- The CAM FIT™ retention system, seamlessly integrated, ensures a snug fit across various head sizes.
- Fine-tune your fit with the BOA® fit system, providing micro-adjustments for a personalized experience.

2. Advanced Ballistic Defense:
- Utilizing cutting-edge Ceradyne Seamless Shell Technology, the Epic Specialist ensures robust ballistic protection.
- EPIC AIR® Fit Impact Liner Pads, featuring Zorbium® foam technology, offer superior impact absorption, enhancing overall safety.

3. No Thru-Hole Construction:
- The innovative no thru-hole system reinforces structural integrity and bolsters ballistic protection.
- Attachments like the NVG shroud and accessory rails are seamlessly integrated, maintaining the helmet's robust design.

4. Improved Stability with Counterweight Kit:
- The Counterweight Kit isn't just an accessory – it's a crucial component enhancing stability during dynamic operations.
- Particularly advantageous when utilizing NVG shrouds, reducing the risk of fatigue during extended wear.

5. Comfort and Durability:
- Antimicrobial wicking fabric ensures a comfortable and hygienic experience.
- 5 Thin Comfort Pads add an extra layer of comfort, while the durable polycarbonate edge trim design extends the helmet's lifespan under challenging conditions.



Designed for agility and mobility, the High-Cut style is ideal for dynamic operations where quick movements are crucial. Its streamlined design ensures minimal interference while providing optimal protection.


For those seeking comprehensive protection, the Full-Cut style offers maximum coverage. Suited for situations where an all-encompassing defense is paramount, it's a choice that prioritizes safety without compromise.


Balancing coverage and mobility, the Mid-Cut style is a versatile option suitable for various operational environments. It provides a harmonious blend of protection and agility, catering to diverse mission requirements.

Unrivaled Differentiation:

What sets the Team Wendy Epic Specialist apart?

Innovative Construction: No Thru-Hole Construction and the Counterweight Kit set new standards for structural integrity and stability.

Tailored Fit: The CAM FIT™ retention system with BOA® fit system ensures a customized and secure fit.

Premium Materials: Ceradyne Seamless Shell Technology and Zorbium® foam showcase a commitment to top-tier materials and cutting-edge technology.

Level of Protection: NIJ IIIA

Certified to meet NIJ Level IIIA standards, the Team Wendy Epic Specialist guarantees optimal protection against a range of ballistic threats, setting a new benchmark for safety.

Where to Secure Your Epic Specialist:

Ready to elevate your protection? Order your Team Wendy Epic Specialist through Atomic Defense. With a reputation for providing premium tactical gear, Atomic Defense ensures a seamless and secure purchasing experience. Trust in excellence – secure your Epic Specialist today.
  • Team Wendy Epic Specialist High-Cut | Ballistic Helmet | Ceradyne NIJ IIIA

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    Team Wendy Epic Specialist: Advanced Head Protection with Superior Comfort and Customization The Team Wendy Epic Specialist is a high-performa...

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    Original price $1,165.00 - Original price $1,165.00
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