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Trijicon Tenmile | Long-Range LPVO Scopes | All Models & Reticles Available

Trijicon Tenmile

Unlock unparalleled precision with the Trijicon Tenmile® Long-Range Riflescope series

Designed for the adept shooter determined to push limits, this lineup boasts an impressive array of models tailored to meet the rigorous demands of long-range shooting. With features like pinpoint accuracy, edge-to-edge clarity, and remarkable durability, the Trijicon Tenmile® series stands as the epitome of optical excellence. Whether you're aiming for targets at extreme distances or engaging in challenging environmental conditions, these riflescopes deliver performance you can trust, shot after shot.

Trijicon TenMile Review

Why Choose Trijicon Tenmile Riflescopes?

  • Pinpoint Accuracy: Designed for precision at extreme distances with features like first and second focal plane reticles.
  • Edge-to-Edge Clarity: Unmatched visual clarity with fully multi-coated, broadband, anti-reflective glass.
  • Durability: Engineered to withstand extreme conditions and rigorously tested to military standards.
  • User-Selectable LED Brightness: Adaptable illumination settings ensure clear aiming in any light or environment.
  • Versatile Magnification Range: From 3x to 50x magnification, offering options for any long-range shooting scenario.
  • Crisp, Precise Adjustments: Windage and elevation adjusters for quick and easy zeroing without tools.
  • Extra-Low Dispersion Glass: For true color and detail without distortion, enhancing target identification.
  • Illuminated Reticles: Dual red/green illuminated reticles for both-eyes-open shooting and fast target engagement.
  • Generous Adjuster Travel: Accommodates substantial windage and elevation adjustments for long-distance shooting.
  • Ruggedized Design: Ready for the harshest environments, ensuring reliability and performance when it matters most.

tenmile hx

Which Tenmile Riflescope is Right for You?

  • Trijicon Tenmile® 3-18x44 Long-Range Riflescope. Experience unmatched clarity and precision with features designed for serious long-range shooters. Equipped with a MRAD Precision Tree reticle for detailed hold points and an exposed zero stop elevation adjuster for quick return to zero.
  • Trijicon Tenmile® 4-24x50 Long-Range Riflescope. Built to endure and maintain accuracy, this riflescope is perfect for pushing limits. It includes premium glass coatings, a second focal plane MRAD Ranging reticle with LED illumination, and an exposed zero stop elevation adjuster.
  • Trijicon Tenmile® 4.5-30x56 Long-Range Riflescope. Flagship model offering excellent light transmission and pinpoint accuracy in any condition. Features include a 34mm tube for ample adjuster travel, crisp and precise adjustments with zero stop, and dual illuminated reticles for fast engagement.
  • Trijicon Tenmile® 5-25x50 Long-Range Riflescope. Known for its precise, repeatable adjusters and superior light transmission. The second focal plane MRAD Center Dot reticle ensures precision at distance, complemented by an exposed zero stop adjuster.
  • Trijicon Tenmile® 5-50x56 Long-Range Riflescope. Offers extreme long-range precision with the widest magnification range. Dual illuminated reticles, extra-low dispersion glass, and a robust design ensure performance in any environment.
  • Trijicon Tenmile® 6-24x50 Long-Range Riflescope. Designed for engagement at extreme distances with a durable build that meets military standards. Features a daylight bright MRAD Ranging reticle with an illuminated LED dot for precise aiming in any condition.

sniper using the trijicon 10 mile

Avoid Counterfeit Trijicon Tenmile® Products

Be vigilant against the proliferation of counterfeit goods. Acquiring a fake Trijicon product not only robs you of the genuine performance and reliability but also exposes you to significant safety risks. Counterfeits often fail to meet the rigorous testing and quality standards established by Trijicon, compromising both your shooting experience and the longevity of the product. To guarantee you receive the authentic, high-quality optics that you expect, always purchase your Trijicon Tenmile® riflescope through authorized dealers like Atomic Defense. This ensures you benefit from our full warranty, customer support, and the peace of mind that your equipment is as precise, durable, and reliable as promised.

  • Check the Packaging: Authentic Trijicon Tenmile products come in high-quality packaging with clear and accurate printing. Counterfeit products often have blurred logos, typos, or poor-quality materials. Some fakes have intentional misprints and misspellings, such as Trijicon Ten mile or Trijicon 10 mile, to avoid legal liabilities.
  • Verify Serial Numbers: Genuine Trijicon items have unique serial numbers that can be verified with Trijicon’s customer service. Counterfeit items may lack a serial number or use a counterfeit one that does not match Trijicon’s records.
  • Inspect the Quality of Materials: The materials used in genuine Trijicon products are of superior quality. Counterfeits often use cheaper materials that can be lighter, prone to damage, or feel different to the touch.
  • Look for the Logo: Authentic Trijicon products have precise, clearly defined logos. Fake products may have logos that are off-center, the wrong size, poorly imprinted.
  • Quality of Optics: Genuine Trijicon optics are renowned for their clarity and quality. If the optics are blurry, have poor light transmission, or if the reticle is misaligned, it's likely a fake.
  • Manufacturer Information: Authentic products include detailed manufacturer information and user manuals. Counterfeit products often have minimal or incorrect information.

Atomic Defense is an Authorized Dealer of Trijicon Products

Explore the unparalleled precision and durability of the Trijicon Tenmile® series today, and elevate your shooting performance to new heights. Each riflescope in this collection is engineered to offer unmatched clarity, accuracy, and reliability under the most challenging conditions. Whether you're engaged in long-range shooting sports, hunting in diverse terrains, or seeking dependable optics for professional use, the Trijicon Tenmile® series has a model tailored to meet your exact needs. Trust in our commitment to quality and innovation—browse our selection, find the right Trijicon Tenmile review, and discover why Trijicon is the trusted choice among discerning shooters worldwide.

Trijicon TenMile


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