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Why is Atomic Defense not BBB Accredited?

The BBB is a private business, very similar to Yelp or Google Reviews.  They want money to give us "Accreditation" which will then "Help with resolving cases and complaints with customers".  This is a shady business practice and, in our opinion, nearing extortion.  We will not be a part of it.


BBB complaints against Atomic Defense (log of consumer complaints):

4/1/2021: Customer filed complaint alleging that we did not send out a package in a timely manner and that it did not arrive in 2 days, as they had paid for.  Customer contacted us at night, one day after ordering, and submitted BBB complaint within 6 hours, not waiting for a response from the team. Told customer the next morning that the delay advertised on the website (multiple pages and email confirmation) was shown as 1 week for his item to finish production and then begin the shipping process.  Customer said he did not see this and apologized for submitting the complaint to BBB.