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Instant 5% OFF at checkout | ANY 2+ items
Instant 5% OFF at checkout | ANY 2+ items


Products now show if they are delayed on the product's page. 

If an item is delayed, it will show in red the estimated production times.  If there is no red delay at the top of the description, then the product is shipping normally.

FAQs about delays:

Timeframes are subject to change and are estimations that assume you place an order today.  Orders are fulfilled in the order they were received.  Combo items ship when all items are ready.  Paying for faster shipping will affect shipping time, not production time.  

*Items, colors, and products not listed here typically ship within 1-3 days.

        If you are uncertain about a product's "In-stock Status", please reach out to support staff to inquire about a specific item, color, or model. We are not responsible for shipping carrier delays (See legal page for more information about USPS, UPS, etc.)