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How to Get Free Body Armor

Welcome to the page on how to get body armor for free.  This page will guide you through the steps on how to get armor plates, inserts, masks, helmets, etc. for free from Atomic Defense.

Getting free armor from Atomic Defense isn't very hard.  We want to make this process easy and straight-forward, for all of us.  We are looking for people to film themselves shooting our armor pieces.

The Basic Steps to Free Body Armor:

  1. Purchase 1 product from the list below.
  2. Film your own review and shooting with 3 or more calibers the item is rated for. *See example videos below and terms further down this page.
  3. Send it to us for checking and editing (You do not need to edit the footage. Just send the whole videos).
  4. After our video team makes it into a watchable video, post it.
  5. Get a full refund for the shot item/s and receive new item/s.
  6. If everything goes well and you'd like to review more items, please let us know.

Here is an example of what we are looking for:

Atomic Defense items currently available for this program: (Other manufacturers are not included.)

  • IIIA and IIIA+ Helmets
  • IIIA Blankets 2x5' and 4x5'
  • All Armor Plates and Panels
  • Bulletproof Visors


  • Footage must be at least 1080p, 16:9 or 21:9 ratio, color, standard and common video formats only, all footage must be usable footage, must have audio commentary, need to present what you will be shooting prior to firing, state what rounds you will be testing with prior to firing, state what round you are using before each caliber change, review the penetration or damage - at minimum - after each caliber.
  • Must submit audio/video footage no later than 2 months after delivery of item/s.
  • Submission must be usable on the Atomic Defense and other 3rd party sites, for public access, internal, promotional, and any other purposes.
  • We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time and can reject submissions as needed, if they cannot be used by Atomic Defense.
  • Free armor equal to what was destroyed/tested will be traded for the video, only after the submitted video is reviewed. Typical review process takes 2-4 weeks.
  • Multiple items should be filmed separately and not together, unless sold as a package on the Atomic Defense website.  If sold as a package, items can be filmed together or separately.
  • Completion of this offer may be subject to posting video/s on public websites like YouTube with links and other information directed to Atomic Defense.
  • Three or more different calibers should be used when testing each item. Calibers must be equivalent to what the armor is rated for.
  • Individuals who are or own a competitor to Atomic Defense are not eligible for this offer, unless prior approval is received.
  • By participating in this program you are agreeing to the terms listed, in addition to, express and implied terms during the course of communication with Atomic Defense.
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