Choosing the Best Bulletproof Helmets

Best Bulletproof Helmets

Bulletproof helmets are some of the most sought-after types of body armor. Your head is arguably the most vulnerable part of your body while you are facing ballistic threats. A shot to the head is more often than not fatal. Bulletproof helmets are a must-have for security personnel involved in combat. The helmets can protect against fragments and shrapnel as well.

Bulletproof helmets are subject to NIJ protection levels standards, just like any other type of body armor. The best bulletproof helmet is determined by its level of protection, and the comfort it offers. On one hand, you need a helmet that can adequately protect you. On the other hand, the helmet needs to be comfortable or as lightweight as possible.

Bulletproof Helmet Protection Levels

Bulletproof helmets have protection levels ranging from level II to level IV. Each helmet is tested before being labelled with a particular protection level. The helmets are tested using the same rounds as those used to test bulletproof vests and other types of body armor.  For example, Level II bulletproof helmet is tested using a 7.62 mm FMJ bullet with a speed of 2780 fps.

The NIJ levels of protection apply to bulletproof helmets, just like they apply to other body armor. As such, you need to first understand the level of threat you are facing before you settle on any one of them. The best bulletproof helmet is obviously the one that can offer the most protection. A level IV bulletproof vest can protect against Armor piercing rounds.

How Effective are the Best Bulletproof Helmets? You may ask.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no bulletproof helmet that can be said to be 100% bulletproof. In other terms, helmets are bullet-resistant and are meant to reduce the risks of a fatal shot to your head. Take for instance a sniper shot. There’s no helmet that can fully protect you against a sniper shot. The helmets will prevent penetration if the bullets hitting it are of the same caliber as those used to test it or lower.

Bulletproof helmets are quite essential in combat though. The ability of a bullet to penetrate a bulletproof helmet depends on its, caliber, speed, and the angle of the shot. A perfect shot with a high caliber round and the rifle would in most cases be fatal. Situations are rarely perfect in combat though. Bullets would be coming from all angles and with different speeds. As such, a bulletproof helmet will certainly reduce your chances of getting fatally injured.

Bulletproof helmets are also quite protective in instances of an explosion or collision. A bulletproof helmet will protect your head from being blown up into pieces if caught up in a bomb explosion. Of course, it depends on how strong the helmet and the explosion are. It will also protect your head in a situation where you are getting banged against walls.

Materials Used to Make Bulletproof Helmets

The level of protection that a bulletproof helmet can offer is determined by its make-material and its general structure. Bulletproof helmets are made of either Kevlar, PE (Polyethylene), or steel.  PE and Kevlar helmets are preferred by many since they are lightweight. PE helmets are the most ideal. They are the most protective and incredibly lightweight. The PE material can also stop multiple shots to the same spot, unlike Kevlar. Steel is also quite protective, but it tends to be quite bulky. A bulky helmet can be a nuisance since the weight of the helmet rests on the neck.

Kevlar helmets weigh between 3.1 lbs. and 4.2lbs. They come in different colors and are mainly used by the U.S Army, UN Peacekeeping forces, SWAT officers, and Marine Corps. These helmets are protective against ballistic projectiles, shrapnel, and fragments. There are helmets made of advanced Kevlar as well. Advanced Kevlar is reinforced with synthetic polymers and is a lot stronger and more protective. Such helmets weigh between 3.0 lbs. and 3.6 lbs.  They are mainly available in camouflage patterns for use by defence forces personnel, or in complete-black for SWAT officers. These helmets are protective against handgun shots.

As mentioned earlier, UHMWPE (PE) is the most protective body armor material. PE helmets are protective against rifle rounds and bomb explosions. These weight between 3.2 lbs. and 3.5 lbs. depending on the size of the helmet. They come in different colors and patterns and are used by law enforcement officers in combat areas.

Note that bulletproof helmets are not a preserve of law enforcement officers. You can buy them as a civilian if you need them. It is only that they are designed with law enforcement officers and combat situations in mind.  

Which is the Best Bulletproof Helmet?

Before we get to mentioning any specific brands and models, let’s first explore what makes a great bulletproof helmet. Different manufacturers are coming up from different designs of bulletproof helmets as they try to compete against, and edge out, each other. Some important features of a good bulletproof helmet include;

  • Padding on the inside to ensure there aren’t any hard surfaces pressing against your head. The padding also absorbs moisture on the inside and reduces bacterial growth.
  •  A proper suspension and Velcro system to ensure the helmet can be comfortably secured on your head.
  •  A chin strap adjustment system with an adjustment knob at the back. This makes it easy to adjust the fit of the helmet. You can tighten or loosen the helmet as you feel appropriate.

Bulletproof helmets come with many other different features depending on the manufacturer. New and better designs are continuously being created, as different players in the industry try to maximize safety.

Top 3 Bulletproof Helmets

We have a wide range of top of the range bulletproof helmets on Atomic Defense. Below are highlights of our top 3 picks. We highlight these helmets, not just because they are in our shop, but because we’ve ascertained their effectiveness.

MILITECH DE Deluxe NIJ IIIA FAST Bulletproof Helmet

The Militech FAST HC DE DLX is a military-grade bulletproof helmet with NIJ protection Level IIIA. It comes with a visor set that protects your face while ensuring you have a clear vision. The helmet is available in medium, large, and extra-large. The helmet weighs between 3.2 lbs. and 3.3 pounds depending on the size.

The helmet is rated as NIJ level IIIA. It will prevent a .44 Mag SJHP (Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point) bullet, with a speed of 1430 fps. From penetrating. Any round of a lower caliber will not be able to penetrate either. The helmet is designed for a combat situation. Even against higher caliber rifles and bullets than those used to test it, the helmet will still offer some level of protection. As mentioned earlier, perfect shots are quite rare and even the high caliber bullets will be slow down or be diverted off when they hit the helmet at a tight angle.


MILITECH M/LG NIJ level IIIA Air Frame Bulletproof Helmet Ballistic

The Militech AF OD M/L is yet another very protective bulletproof helmet. The helmet comes in medium and large sizes. It weighs approximately 3.3 pounds. The head rim of the helmet ranges between 55cm and 60 cm.

The helmet is rated as NIJ level IIA. A .357 SIG FMJ FN (Flat Nose) bullet moving at a velocity of 1470 fps. would never be able to penetrate through it. This Militech AF OD M/L helmet is a bit lighter than the Militech FAST HC DE DLX above, but it does not have a visor or a face cover.

MICH 2000 NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Helmet

The MICH 2000 is quite impressive as well. It is a highly protective and comfortable bulletproof helmet. The helmet is available medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The head sizes range from 54cm and 57 cm for the medium sizes, 57 cm and 59 cm for the large ones, and 59 cm and 63 cm for the extra-large ones. It weighs between 3.4 pounds and 3.8 pounds depending on the size. The helmet comes with some other interesting features. It has a hardhat top, it is UV-resistant, it is fire-resistant and waterproof.

The helmet is rated as NIJ level IIA and will prevent bullets such as .357 SIG FMJ FN and .44 Mag SJHP from penetrating. Although a bit heavier than the two above, this helmet offers a great fit and is quite comfortable.

How to Choose a Bulletproof Helmet.

We’ve gone through various aspects of bulletproof helmets, and outlined our top three picks. As mentioned earlier, we have a wide range of bulletproof vests in our shop. They are all quality and effective helmets. How do you choose one that would work best for you?

We heavily emphasize on safety considerations. Before you get to comparing bulletproof vests on any other factors, you must understand the level of protection you need. Take time to explore the level of ballistic threat you are facing. It is always best to go for the helmet that can offer the utmost protection.

The next consideration should be fitting. A helmet that does not fit will offer minimal or no protection at all. Note that the chin strap knob adjustment system on a bulletproof helmet does not imply that you can get that helmet even when it's oversize. Most modern bulletproof helmets have this system, but it is meant to make it easy for you to adjust the fitting and be comfortable.

You should also check the comfort level of the helmet. The weight, shape, and interior design of a bulletproof helmet determines how comfortable it feels. Of course, everyone would want their bulletproof helmet to be as lightweight as possible. The shape of the helmet has to augur well with that of your head to ensure it feels comfortable. The interior design includes the padding and moisture absorption systems. Take time to check all these aspects to ensure you get the best bulletproof helmet for yourself.

Never compromise on the protection level for comfort. You would rather remain a bit uncomfortable rather than get shot in the head. We understand that manufacturers do not have the exact measurements of your head. If you cannot find anything that fits well, you need not worry. We can have the bulletproof helmet of your choice customized for you.

Go to to find the various bulletproof helmets that we have on offer. We have a large assortment of body armor products as well. We have bulletproof vests and backpacks as well as armor plates and inserts. We do have bomb suits and armored vehicles as well. Talk to us via or 1-507-400-0490 if you have any queries regarding body armor and our products.






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