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Tactical Gloves

Whether you're working in hazardous conditions or training in inclement weather, you need hand protection that maintains dexterity. Tactical gloves are the perfect solution for any activity that requires precision and agility to safeguard your hands and wrists against abrasions, cuts and chemicals. 

At Atomic Defense, we carry tactical gloves that keep your hands safe and performing at their best. Shop our selection to find tactical gloves with the style and safety features you need for your unique application.

Work Gloves

When your hands are your livelihood, you need to protect them from injury. We offer a range of work gloves that prevent scrapes, cuts and impacts while providing superior dexterity.

Our inventory includes some of the toughest work gloves ever made. Options like our Diesel Work Gloves and Guardian Gloves feature highly durable outer layers and HPX Level 5 cut-resistant material on the inside for unparalleled protection. Our Warrior Gloves also feature hard thermoplastic knuckle covers enhanced impact protection.

Cold Weather Gloves

When your hands are cold and wet, you don't work as efficiently. It's hard to train or complete a task when you can't feel your fingers. We carry several tactical gloves specifically designed to keep your hands warm and dry in rain and snow. 

Our Equinoxx Gloves use special insulation and lining materials to protect your hands from the elements, and they feature non-slip material for a sturdy grip. We also have thermal and water-resistant Agent Gloves 2.0 Elite, which offer a contoured fit and smart-touch fingertips for seamless interaction with your touchscreen device.

Rescue Gloves

If you're a first responder dealing with an emergency, you need the proper protective gear to get the job done and return home safely. We carry numerous tactical gloves that provide reliable protection in critical situations.

Our Rescue Gloves offer superior cut-resistance, wrist protection and grip. They're made with a flame-resistant material that provides basic fire protection for a brief period.

For maximum fire protection, consider our Vulcan Gloves. These gloves are International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-certified to protect the wearer against heat and fire, making them ideal for first responders, electricians and industrial workers.

Police Gloves

Every police officer needs high-quality tactical gloves that combine superior protection and dexterity. Atomic Defense has numerous options to meet law enforcement officers' needs.

Our Exxtremity Patrol Gloves are some of the best patrol gloves available. They are specifically designed for police officers and first responders, and they come with all the features you need to feel comfortable and protected on the job. Our Stealth Glove is another popular option for law enforcement officers that integrates supple fine leather with unrivaled flexibility.

Purchase Tactical Gloves From Atomic Defense Today

If you're searching for the best tactical gloves on the market, look no further than Atomic Defense. We have a complete selection of top-quality tactical gloves for virtually any scenario that requires hand protection. Browse our online selection or get in touch with us to learn more about our products. 

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