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Top 3 Bulletproof Backpacks

Body armor is not just about vests, insert plates, and helmets. Bulletproof backpacks are becoming a very popular product among the American population. The US has seen very unfortunate occurrences of mass shootings in public. Extremely disheartening, is the thought that some of this cruelty has been meted on innocent little school-going kids. Kids have been shot in schools, the very place that’s supposed to be a sanctuary for them.

While different governmental and non-governmental factions continue arguing over how this issue should be solved, parents are worried about the safety of their kids when they send them to school. Bulletproof backpack sales have soared in recent times, and it is easy to understand why. At Atomic Defense, we are proud to be able to provide the best bulletproof backpacks to parents, and any other person looking to keep themselves.

Just how much protection does a bulletproof backpack offer? What makes an effective bulletproof backpack? How should you use a bulletproof backpack when under attack? These are pertinent questions to which you should have answers before you purchase any bulletproof backpack. In the sections below, we’ll try to provide answers to these questions and a couple more.

Levels of Protection of Bulletproof Backpacks

Bulletproof Backpacks, just like other body armor products, have different protection levels. You can purchase bulletproof backpacks with protection levels ranging from Level IIA to Level IV. The most-suitable backpack mainly depends on the level of threat faced, but other factors such as weight and comfort come into play. Weight and comfort are essential considerations when purchasing a bulletproof backpack for children.

All bulletproof backpacks have to be able to repel a certain caliber of gunfire in order to be classified into their respective protection categories. The NIJ protection levels apply to bulletproof backpacks in the same way as in any other type of body armor. For instance, a bulletproof backpack rated as Level IIIA can stop a .357 SIG FMJ FN (Flat Nose) bullet with a velocity of 1470 fps (Feet Per Second).

Ballistic panels or inserts for backpacks are also available. These allow you to upgrade or downgrade the protection level of your backpack when you need to. Such backpacks are made with pockets for inserting the panels. The pockets have a standard shape and size and can accommodate ballistic panels of different protection levels.



Bulletproof backpacks are made of either Kevlar or PE (Polyethylene). PE backpacks are a bit more expensive than Kevlar ones. They offer more protection, and they are lighter and easier to handle. Also, unlike Kevlar, PE can stop multiple shots on the same spot. Ballistic inserts for backpacks are no different from ordinary ones.

You can choose between Kevlar, PE, Steel, or Ceramic panels. Again PE panels are the best because of the same reasons outlined above. Steel panels are not practical for school-going children because they’d be too heavy for them. However, in extreme cases, steel panels might be necessary. A good number of the shooting incidences involve semi-automatic assault rifles against which one would need at least Level III protection.

Which are the Best Bulletproof Backpacks?

As mentioned earlier, the answer to this question is relative to what circumstances the backpack is in. The best bulletproof backpack for a school-going kid is quite different from that for military personnel. Size, weight, and design are the main distinguishing factors, but you always have to ensure you do not compromise on the protectiveness of the backpack.

For instance, you should expect a bulletproof backpack for a school-going child to be small and lightweight. Small so that it can perfectly hug their backs, and lightweight so that they don’t struggle to carry it around. This is why we advocate for PE backpacks or ballistic panels if you are looking for a bulletproof backpack for your kid. For adults in different situations, bulletproof backpacks come in different designs, sizes, and weight. It’s upon you to determine what works best for you.

Some backpacks have ballistic panel compartments both at the front and at the back. These are the best since it means more protection for you, and protection for the items inside your backpack as well. This will obviously have an effect on the overall weight of the backpack, but a few extra pounds to carry is not that much of a price for your safety and that of your valuables.  

It doesn’t mean that the backpack you purchase should not serve you fully as a backpack, just because it is bulletproof. Stopping bullets is its main purpose, but it should offer you the full functions of a backpack. Also, the different stuff you put inside the backpack might contribute to reducing the velocity of a bullet, and preventing it from penetrating through it. Below are some interesting features of a bulletproof backpack you should look out for.

  • The backpack should have an ergonomic back, and well-padded back and straps to ensure comfort. Good ventilation for the back is also essential. Take for instance the situation of little school-going kids. You want to ensure they are always enthusiastic about having their backpacks on their backs at all times, or at least most of the times. Kids, especially those too young to understand that they might be under any threats, will normally stay away from anything that makes them uncomfortable.
  • You’ll also need to ensure the backpack you get is easily washable. Different bulletproof backpacks come with different washing instructions. Backpacks that work with ballistic panels are the best in this regard. They are just ordinary backpacks when the panels are off, which makes it easy to clean them. Just remove the ballistic inserts before putting the backpack into any contact with water.

The best bulletproof backpack for your kid or yourself is subject to all these factors. It would be naïve to assume that a bulletproof backpack makes anyone completely safe from gunshots. However, it certainly goes a long way in reducing your vulnerability in case of an attack.

Below is a summary of our top 3 best bulletproof backpacks. 

Best Bulletproof Backpacks. 

The Best NIJ III Bulletproof Backpack | Anti-theft | USB Charging

The Atomic Defense anti-theft bulletproof backpack is the perfect option for school going kids. The backpack offers between Level IIA and Level IV protection depending on the type of armor plate inserted in it. The backpack on its own is not bulletproof. 

The backpack has a turtle shell design that ensures it hugs the wearer closely from the back. This ensures it offers as much cover as possible. This design also makes it legal for many schools. As mentioned earlier, different schools have different regulations regarding the type of backpacks that students can have. 



Apart from the bulletproofing, this backpack has a lot of other incredible features. The backpack is well-padded and has an ergonomic design which ensures maximum comfort. The backpack also features a laptop and tablet holder and a USB ports that allows you to conveniently charge your devices while on the move. 

Level IV

For Level IV protection, the backpack has to be bulletproofed with a Level armor plate such as the one above. The plate can be made of PE. PE is the best option since it is quite lightweight and it offers ample protection. The backpack, with this armor plate on, will protect against armor piercing bullets. The plate can protect against multiple rounds as well. This plate weighs 2.6kgs. That’s quite lightweight as compared to a steel armor plate that can weigh up to 25 kgs. A school-going kid would not be able to carry around a steel plate

Level III

The atomic defense backpack fitted with Level III armor plate is the second most protective option. It is also a bit lighter as compared to that with Level IV plates. This plates can stop bullets from pistols, assault rifles, as well as sniper rifles. The plates can block bullets such as 5.56 and 7.62 M80. This armor plate weighs 2.1 kgs. That weight is quite manageable for a school-going kid. The backpack will be a lot less bulkier, while remaining adequately protective against most of the common ballistic threats. 

Level IIIA

If you are seeking the lightest option, the Level IIIA armor plate and the Atomic Defense backpack make up the ideal bulletproof backpack for you. Level IIIA protection will block bullets such as 9mm and .44 Magnum SJHP. The plate mainly stops gunfire from pistols and handguns. It can also handle multiple shots to the same spot. The plate weighs a mere 0.6kgs. That’s negligible weight added to that of the backpack, and it should not cause any handling difficulties. 

Going by the kind of ballistic threats ordinary citizens are exposed to nowadays, anything below Level IIA seems insufficient. Our Atomic Defense backpack has undergone all the necessary tests to ascertain its effectiveness. The best thing about a bulletproof backpack is no one knows you are armored unless you tell them. This bulletproof backpack could as well be the difference between life and death. 

How Do You Use a Bulletproof Backpack in Case of an Attack?

It is paramount that you know who to tactically use a bulletproof backpack, in the unfortunate event that you are caught in between gunfire. Before we explore anything tactical, it is important to mention that a bulletproof backpack is not a ticket for you to get into precarious situations. No single piece of body armor can guarantee your safety, and it is, therefore, important to stay away from threatening situations.

While moving or standing, always ensure the bulletproof backpack is perfectly strapped on your back. That protects you from gunshots that might come from behind. While your front is left exposed, you are able to see an attacker preparing for fire from your front. That might give you a few seconds to seek cover. You cannot see your attacker if they approach from behind, and hence the need to always have it covered.

If in the midst of gunfire, bring your bulletproof backpack to the front and face the direction from which the shots are coming from. Hold the backpack up like a shield, and try to crouch behind it and have as much of your body covered up as possible. Pay more attention to covering your upper body. Try to seek cover for your back with the things around you such as walls and desks. Ensure you do not turn your back to the attacker while you are moving and seeking cover. Move backwards or sideways.

At Atomic Defense, we’ve conducted dome drills with some of the bulletproof backpacks we sell. You’d be surprised at how tiny you can make yourself behind an averagely-sized bulletproof backpack.  This is another reason why the size and weight of the backpack are essential aspects. A bigger backpack will provide more cover, while a lightweight backpack is easy to use a shield.

If your kid is old enough to understand why they need body armor, it would do no harm to go a mile further to teach them the tactics outlined above and other relevant ones that might come across. Just like you, we believe that citizens, more so children, should not have to live in fear and walk around clad in body armor in their own country. However, the world we live in today has bred some spiteful and deranged characters who have no qualms about attacking and killing innocent people including kids. We are left with no choice to try our best an ensure we protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Atomic Defense has a variety of bulletproof backpacks. We stock high-quality bulletproof backpacks and seek to ensure you can keep yourself, and your loved one safe. Due to the very distinct designs of bulletproof backpacks, not all of them are permitted by schools. Different schools have different regulations. We have quite a number of bulletproof backpacks that are school legal. If you are travelling, be sure to look at the laws and regulations of the destinations you are going to. You are permitted to carry a bulletproof backpack around in all of USA.

Visit and explore the various types of bulletproof backpacks that we have. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need any clarification via the email or call 1-507-400-0490.
















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