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Guide to Setting up Your Plate Carrier

People engaging in dangerous or combat-driven situations, especially police and military personnel, can benefit from wearing a plate carrier. Also known as tactical vests or MOLLE vests in the armed services, plate carriers offer protection to critical areas, including your heart and lungs. But they also provide ample space to store items you'll need in the field of duty.  It's hard to know what risks you might face in unpredictable situations like military combat or civil unrest. Law enforcement, members of the military and civilians alike have the right to stay protected when tensions reach a breaking point. Having protection and easy access to the items you need during these moments can be the difference between life and death.  But knowing...

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What Is Dragon Skin Body Armor?

Despite the sensational developments in materials and advancements in bullet proof vests over the past decade, a lingering question still pops up from time to time about a vest that originated when many current soldiers were still in diapers. What is Dragon Skin body armor? Perhaps the continued interest has more to do with the mythical visions conjured by the name, rather than anything else. ...the Myth Surrounding it Endures During the early 2000’s, with the United States embroiled in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, an intriguing style of body armor came to market amid the nightly news coverage of the war. Embraced by nearly instant media sensation, the bullet proof vest made by Pinnacle Armor was known as Dragon...

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How to Wear Body Armor

Body armor saves lives in the field every day — but it isn’t foolproof. Improper fit and usage can spell the difference between life and death in a critical situation. Here’s a brief guide on how to wear a bulletproof vest and other body armor. Remember, when in doubt, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the body armor you select. Finding the Perfect Fit For maximal results in terms of both comfort and protection, your body armor should fit perfectly. Body armor that is too loose or too tight could restrict or impede movement while opening up vulnerabilities. Get your armor custom-fitted, wearing the uniform or outfit you are most likely to wear the body armor in tandem with. The...

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Interesting Facts About Body Armor

The Origins Of Modern Bulletproof Vests Body armor in various guises has been used for thousands of years in military applications, but the development of materials that spawned the modern age of bulletproof vests, helmets, and more practical daily-use body armor, can be traced back to the frontier town of Tombstone, Arizona. George E. Goodfellow was the local doctor in Tombstone during the days of Wyatt Earp, and actually treated the Earps for wounds after the infamous gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Given the era and place he lived, he developed a particular reputation for dealing with abdominal gunshot wounds. Dr. Goodfellow witnessed a gunfight in 1881 that occurred on Allen Street in Tombstone between a gambler, Charlie Storms, and...

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Top 10 Myths About Body Armor

Decisions around body armor have serious potential consequences. We’re talking about a tool that is meant to protect you or a loved one from fatal bodily harm. It’s also a significant financial investment, so you owe it to yourself (or the recipient) to know what you’re buying, and get what you’re paying for. Let’s unpack some body armor basics, and then do the hard work of debunking ten of the most persistent myths about body armor. How Does Body Armor Work? Bullets are dangerous because the explosive discharge fills it with potential energy. This potential energy is enough to punch through many surfaces, as well as bodies. The point of body armor is to diffuse that energy and deform the...

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