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Trijicon VCOG | LPVO Scopes | All Variants & Reticles Available

Trijicon VCOG Review

Trijicon VCOG® Riflescope: When Innovation Meets Unrivaled Durability

The Trijicon VCOG (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight) stands out as a pinnacle of engineering, offering shooters an unbeatable combination of versatility and toughness. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions, tested to military standards, and equipped with superior glass for unmatched clarity—this variable-powered riflescope is the partner of choice for hunters, military personnel, law enforcement officers, and competitive shooters worldwide. Whether engaging in close-quarter battles or tracking a distant target, the VCOG's first-focal-plane reticle provides rapid target acquisition and maintains accuracy at any magnification.

Trijicon VCOG Riflescope Key Features

  • Versatile Magnification Ranges: Offers 1-6x24 and 1-8x28 models for adaptability from close-quarters to long-range engagements.
  • MIL-STD-810G Tested Durability: Proven resilience under the toughest conditions, ensuring reliability for military, law enforcement, and rigorous outdoor use.
  • Superior Optical Clarity: High-quality, multi-coated lenses provide outstanding clarity and light gathering, with zero distortion across all magnification levels.
  • LED-Illuminated First Focal Plane Reticle: Ensures rapid target acquisition and consistent aiming points across the entire magnification range.
  • Variety of Reticle Options: Available in BDC, Universal MRAD, and MOA designs to cater to a wide range of shooting preferences and disciplines.
  • Integrated Mounting Adapter: Eliminates the need for conventional rings, facilitating easy and secure mounting to any rail system.
  • Adjustable Brightness Settings: Features offer customization for visibility under any lighting conditions, with "off" spaces between settings for quick toggling.
  • Battery Efficiency: Powered by a single AA battery, simplifying maintenance and replacement without sacrificing illumination quality.
  • Rapid Magnification Adjustment: The integrated dial fin allows for smooth and quick changes in magnification, enhancing flexibility in dynamic shooting scenarios.

What is The Right Trijicon VCOG for You?

The VCOG line offers two primary models designed to cater to a wide range of operational and recreational needs.

  • Trijicon VCOG® 1-6x24 Riflescope: A model renowned for its rugged durability and flexibility, ideal for both close-quarter combat and medium-range targeting. This model offers 16 different reticles in either red or green illumination to suit various preferences and scenarios.
  • Trijicon VCOG® 1-8x28 Riflescope: Born from direct requests from the U.S. Military, this model extends the range with a 1-8x28 magnification, providing exceptional clarity and precision for engagements from close to long distances. Users can choose between MOA or MRAD reticles, each designed to offer superior accuracy and adaptability.

How to Identify a Genuine Trijicon VCOG Riflescope from a Fake?

Identifying a genuine VCOG reticle from counterfeit versions is crucial for ensuring you receive a product that meets high standards of quality and performance.

  • Serial Number Verification: A genuine Trijicon VCOG scope has a unique serial number that can be verified through customer service.
  • Quality of Markings: Authentic VCOG scopes have crisp, clear, and accurately placed markings, including the Trijicon logo and model information. Counterfeits often have misaligned, blurry, or incorrect markings. There should also be no misspellings like Trigicon VCOG on the scope itself or the packaging.
  • Optical Clarity: The optical quality of genuine Trijicon products is superior, with clear, distortion-free views across all magnifications. Counterfeit products typically have poor optical quality.
  • Packaging and Documentation: An original and brand new Trijicon VCOG products come with professional packaging and comprehensive documentation, including a warranty card and user manual. Counterfeits usually lack proper packaging and documentation or have low-quality versions.
  • Weight and Build Quality: The heft and build quality of a genuine Trijicon VCOG are notable. Counterfeits may feel lighter and exhibit inferior construction and material quality.
  • Illumination: Check the reticle illumination. Genuine Trijicon scopes have consistent and clear illuminated reticles, which counterfeit products often fail to replicate accurately.
  • Price: If the price seems too good to be true, it likely is. An authentic Trijicon VCOG for sale commands a premium price due to its quality and reliability. Suspiciously low prices can indicate a counterfeit product.
  • Authorized Dealers: Purchase your Trijicon VCOG from authorized dealers to ensure authenticity. Atomic Defense is an authorized dealer Trijicon products.

Where to Buy Authentic Trijicon VCOG Riflescopes?

Purchase from Atomic Defense to make sure you are getting an authentic VCOG riflescope. Whether you're advancing your skills on the range or in the thick of a mission, each Trijicon VCOG riflescope is designed to elevate your shooting performance. With customizable options to fit any scenario and unwavering reliability in the most challenging environments, there's a VCOG scope that's perfect for your needs. Browse our selection today and discover why Trijicon is the trusted choice among professionals and enthusiasts alike. Step into a world where clarity, precision, and durability converge—choose Trijicon VCOG for your next adventure.

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